LEx UMM Participants Created a Machine Prototype for Kitchenware Entrepreneurs in Junrejo Batu

Author : Humas | Wednesday, September 19, 2018 17:57 WIB
Design area prototype for UD Rizky which produces wooden kitchenware

Held for the fifth time, the regular Learning Express (LEx) program held by International Relation Office (IRO) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) still succeeded in creating extraordinary ideas. Cooperating with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and using the Design Thinking method made the LEx different from other community service programs.

"What makes LEx different from other community services is that participants use design thinking method in their discussions," explained UMM LEX coordinator, Aditya Pratama.

Making the idea to design products that are easy to make, simple, cheap and long-lasting, one of the UMM Learning Express groups, Wooden Kitchenware, was successfully got the attention from the owner of the kitchen utensils entrepreneuer in Junrejo village, Batu. The prototypes created by 18 persons consisting of Singapore Polytechnic and UMM students are highly appreciated by Syaiful, the business owner.

Prioritizing the safety of the workers, this group made a prototype of a more efficient tool for making kitchenware products. They designed a series of kitchenware printing machines equipped with transparent cover. The tool can work more efficiently and comfortably for workers because they  do not need to wear masks and other security equipment to avoid wood chips from incisions when forming kitchenware.

In addition, in order to maintain a systematic performance this group also designed workplaces that more organized considering that the workplace is not in one place. For example, cutting places to dry wood would take about 10 minutes.

The LEX participants also totally helped these entrepreneurs. They also maade a market for Syaiful on social media such as Instagram and Website. This is very helpful for Mr. Syaiful in marketing his products.

Through the website udrizky.neocities.org and instagram udrizky1, which is Syaiful's daughter's name, they hope that more and more people will know and buy this product. Right! within three days, Syaiful got the order around 100 pieces of telenan to Jakarta.

"Hopefully, this business will increase and succeed," said Yan Heng, SP students.

Lastly, perfecting their service, this group made an excel sheet as well to facilitate Syaiful in managing his business finances. They also taught Syaiful how to operate and made a guidebook how to operate the excel sheet.

"Because we are from a different faculty, this makes it easier for us to develop the idea. There are those from business, we make excel sheets. Also engineering students make the prototypes. We put the idea together in one mindset," concluded Kieran, an SP student. (UMM Public Relations)



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