ICLS Participants Visits School for Monitoring Lesson Study

Author : Humas | Saturday, November 05, 2016 09:37 WIB

Prof. Manabu Sato are monitoring the implementation of lesson study in the Saleh Kids Elementary School Malang. Photo: Rino Anugrawan / PR

AGENDA of the International Conference on Lesson Study (ICLS) and the Education Colloquium (EC) held at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) for three days (3-5 / 11). The agenda not only the form of seminars and dialogue, but also added by visiting to the three schools in Malang (school visit) namely, Kids Saleh Elementary School, State Elementary School Kauman 01 and Muhammadiyah MTS Tlogomas 01 which took place on the second day, Friday (4/11).

Participants of this event not only from Indonesia but also from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Romania, USA, Malaysia, and Philippines. They were also involved in visiting three of the schools, in order to see the best practice implementation of The Lesson Study, namely how far the learning model affected the students.

ICLS initiators from Japan Gakusyuin University Prof. Manabu Sato, who joined visiting school rated, ICLS will increase the quality of education for UMM. ICLS have committed to UMM because the campus is seemed able to assists schools in implementing the Lesson Study.

Meanwhile, The central committee of the Association of Lesson Study Indonesia (ALSI) Drs Kes Nur Widodo said the three schools that have been chosen are already accustomed using the Lesson Study in their Learning. "Lesson study itself is a model of learning that is oriented for students, not the teacher," The Lecturer of Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) UMM said.

According to Nur Widodo, the students more active in this model. With a focus on student learning, he added, the students will more easily understand to the material that taught. Through this system, what have obtained by student has long-term effect, not just to get a score. " The implementation of Lesson Study in the school, students not only to get good grades, but the quality of students will also be visible clearly," said Nur Widodo.

Kids Saleh Elementary School Headmaster, Nurdiah Rachmawati explained, the learning of the Student Lesson in the school is a follow up regarding to community-based learning that has been run by the teachers in the school. "The lesson study is very helpful because the students more easily to understand what teacher has delivered," said Nurdiah.

Furthermore, Nurdiah countinued, Teacher more easier in preparation of learning device. The advantage of the Lesson Study include the learning steps are packaged within mind-mapping. The display of lesson planning made suitable according to the teacher thought. "The use of language is the simple one so the students are easy to understands quickly."

Nurdiah cited, that math chapter was difficult to understood. "Through the model of Lesson Study, math chapter could be understood easily bacause the students are given more time to discuss to solve kind of math calculation. said Nurdiah.

Next, the school official hopes there must be the next followed up. "The cooperation between the school and the UMM would strenghten the model of the Lesson Study in every school," said Nurdiah. (Jal / han)



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