Present VIP Graduation Chair for Parents

Author : Humas | Sunday, September 01, 2019 17:25 WIB
Siti Malikatil Mushowwiroh, a UMM student 2015  who successfully graduated with the best title at the 93rd UMM graduation event. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

Had a dream to drive her parents to sit in the graduation VIP chair, Siti Malikatul Mushowwiroh, a student 2015th period of International Relations (HI) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) successfully graduated with Index the best grade point average (GPA) was 3.98 in the 92nd period graduation of UMM III.

Besides wanting to boast of parents, this woman who was familiarly called Malika had another motivation that she wanted to achieve, namely by listing her name as the best graduate from Lombok like had been achieved by her seniors namely Alhamdu Ramadhan (GPA 3.99). In addition, she was also supported by other seniors who performed well such as Lutfiya Al Qarani and Alwafi Ridho Subarkah.

Being a student who was at the first time learning and going home only, made her bored with the activity that was same. Finally, she was active in several organizations such as the UMM Indonesia International Studies Academic Utilization Community (IISAUC), the English Debating Society-International Language Forum, the Centre of Intermestic Studies, and the UMM Model United Nations Club.

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"For learning in college, I am just an ordinary person. Like, there are people who are very diligent in their lecture or who are very lazy or mediocre. Well, I'm a medium person. Because from the beginning of the lecture, I was not very diligent enough, "said Malika when interviewed Tuesday (8/27) afternoon.

Malika then shared tips on time management. "At least, we have to have our own priorities in the lecture how to be active outside and inside of class. So, I divided my time into 60-40. 60% are in class while for 40% I am active outside the classroom because we also have to balance between academic and non-academic, "she said.

During learning in university, many experiences that Malika gained especially international experience. In 2017, Malika became the University’s delegation for the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference (AMUNC) at Hongkong University, Hongkong; the first winner of the Essay Competition in Asia-Oceania Symposium, and one of the 20 winners of the Write to China Essay Competition in Beijing. 

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"From the beginning, I already had a set of priorities so I could graduate with perfect grades and be the best. I am the first child of three siblings, so I must at least be a good role model for my two younger siblings later, "concluded the daughter of Muhammad Zaini M.Sy and Khairul Bariyah S.Pd. and Malika said that she was proud to present the best graduates for both of them. (Win)



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