Author : Humas | Wednesday, October 28, 2015 15:57 WIB

UPT of Library and Information of University of Muhammadyah Malang achieved an ‘A’ accreditation from the National Library of Republic of Indonesia (PNRI). It was based on the evaluation given by PNRI in the beginning of last week, Monday (19/10).

The achievement of ‘A’ accreditation is due the readiness of the library facilities. The UMM Public Relation, Askaria Purwaningsih stated that UMM Library has three-floor building with more than 50 thousands books and another collections.

UMM Library also has other supporting facilities, namely mushola, photocopying room, canteen and sufficient tables and chairs. “There is no perfect library. However, we will continue to make better changes,” Askaria asserted.

Though having only three librarians doesn’t make the UMM library pessimistic in order to get this ‘A’ accreditation. “These facilities which make us superior,” asserted by this librarian.

She added that in near future, UMM Library will increase the service quality. “We will add the information service and fix the SDM quality so that the students study comfortably in this library,” she said.

UMM library is concerned to make the students comfort in enjoying the service given by the library. For the freshmen, UMM library routinely holds Technical Guidance Program (Bimtek). The freshmen are hoped to completely understand about the library, starting from understanding the library generally, the rules in borrowing the books, until the facilities given by the library.

The book borrowing practice was also done in the Bimtek program through the library automatic service (laser) system and the SMS gateway and also the PIN and PIC activation for accessing the free internet via the hotspot in the university. “We cooperate with Infokom for this matter because they know better about the internal network of the university”, she said.

The library also provides digital library (digilib) service for those who are working on their final task or skripsi. The students can access various kinds to support their task, namely e-skripsi, e-thesis, and e-journal with this facility. (dik/zul/han/t_rfd)


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