Strengthening International Recognition, UMM Sends 11 Lecturers and Staffs as Awardees of ERASMUS + Scholarship Program to Europe

Author : Humas | Monday, February 12, 2018 14:30 WIB
Erasmus+ awardees took a picture in front of Lublin Castle, Poland
University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is continuously sending its students, lecturers, and staffs to abroad through international cooperation. One of the cooperation run by UMM is Erasmus Mundus program (now becomes Erasmus+) since 2007 until now.

This year, UMM sends 11 students, lecturers, and staffs to some universities in Europe to join exchange program for 1 semester through Erasmus+. They left on Sunday (11/2).

Before departure, Rector UMM, Fauzan told the Erasmus+ awardees that they have to be able to take advantages of this opportunity, be responsible, and be proud because not all people can get this prestigious scholarship. He said, “You have to be responsible because you are the representatives of UMM and Indonesia”.

Assistant Rector for International Cooperation UMM, Soeparto, said that the Erasmus+ awardees bring International exposure development mission. UMM wants them to have international experience, how to live, work, and interact with foreigners. Soeparto who is a lecture of English Department UMM said, “People who live in other countries have different characteristics, traits, and behaviors”.

Moreover, Soeparto conveyed that Erasmus+ program can give great benefit for the awardees because they will have international experience and be able to develop skills and independence of living in other countries. He said, “UMM academic community is accustomed to various international differences by having international experiences”.

Tata Budhi Prasetyo, one of Erasmus+ awardees admitted that he is ready to face obstacles in Poland. This program is a great opportunity to study and explore European countries. Budi who is a student of Management Study Program has been planning what he is going to do before the lecture and during holidays. He said, “I like the nature. I would like to use this chance to go to Tatra Mountains and go to some other countries, if God wills”.

Meanwhile, as the follow up of Erasmus+ program cooperation between UMM and University of Opole Poland, Michal Wanke as the Coordinator Office for International Study Programs and Magdalena Hlawacz as the Associate Professor Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator University of Opole visited UMM to know deeper about UMM before both universities running the cooperation by doing exchange students, lecturers, and staffs.

Michal and Magdalena visited American Corner (Amcor) UMM. Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) office, and some study programs offices. Michal said that it did not take a long time for University of Opole to accept the cooperation offer from UMM. It is because UMM has good credibility especially in terms of cooperation. Michal said, “We see UMM is very active in running international cooperation and has many connections”. The cooperation between UMM and Opole University will be run as soon as possible this year. Besides, it is expected that there will be exchange program next year. University of Opole has international classes for students, lecturers, and staffs who will be there.

During their visit for a week at UMM, Magdalena admitted that she was happy visiting UMM because it is a great University. She said, “UMM has BIPA, I like it. I’m sure that UMM is running international programs very well”. 

It is expected that there will be other scholarship programs run by UMM and Opole University in the future such as join research, summer course, and credit transfer. (lus)



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