Commemorate the Earth Day, DIMPA Helds a Ceremony

Author : Humas | Monday, April 26, 2010 15:09 WIB

Every 22nd April in each year had always been an important moment for the community of nature lovers to show their concern for the environment. Did not want to miss this year, Thursday (4/22) Divisi Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam (Dimpa) UMM held a ceremony as the opening act of the activities they did as a movement to save the earth, which was heavily issued to be affected by global warming.

It was located Wall Climbing Park. UMM Vice Rector III, Drs. Joko Widodo M.Si was pointed to be the inspector of that ceremony. On that occasion, Joko Widodo expressed his full support to such event. He issued that the activities such as smoke-free day in White Campus would not only be held once a year. The activity would be great if it was supported by maximum socialization into all elements of campus. It could be done by moving the tremendous potential in the campus. "You may use the facilities provided by the campus for the students’ events," said Joko.

Joko further examined the promises of DIMPA members which were set out. He hoped that the nature lovers’ ethic codes were not only for Dimpa only. It could be written and then displayed in public places in campus, so everyone could read when they entered the campus. "The sense of belonging and brotherhood is important for us. So this event is expected to have a sense of community to own and maintain our environment," said Joko.

The event was closed with the submission of posters Satya Pecinta Alam to Vice Rector III and the launch of banner “Happy Earth Day” from the top of Wall Climbing by two members of Dimpa. Then it was continued cleaning all areas of campus and the planting trees the next day in Coban Rondo.

"Keep socializing this kind of movement. Doing it outside the campus is important but it will be more important if it is done inside the campus. The history may forget you, but the most important activity you have done give benefits to the world and our environment," said Joko. (rwp/nas/t_ris)




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