The First Time, UMM Car Glass Spreads Literacy Spirit to Madura

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 31, 2018 11:11 WIB
Fun. High school students in Sumenep enjoy the books provided by Mobil KaCa UMM.
University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) contiually spreads the literacy movement. Choosing a unique way, this movement is packed with Smart Car concept.
Through skillful hands, car type OB Van, granted by Bank Jatim in CSR program of Bank Jatim Peduli, has generated UMM to  become mini library. 
The car accommodates 456 books consisting of Encyclopedia, Entrepreneurs, IT, Hobis, Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Muhammadiyah and General Islam.
Referring to the concept, Smart Car UMM is called Mobil KaCa (Thursday Reading). Later, Mobil KaCa UMM will travel to schools, mainly in East Java. Hopefully, Mobil KaCa UMM can improve the reading culture of Kindergarten (TK) up to High School (SMA) students.
Head of UMM Public Relations, Joko Susilo argued that the existence of Mobil KaCa becames one of the evidence that has a target to continually educate the Indonesian children .
"Same with UMM mission, educating the life of nation, as well as the spirit of Al-Quran, the first revelation of Iqro, reading is literacy," explained Joko.
On the way, Mobil KaCa brought both UMM's slogan from Muhammadiyah for the Nation. Proven through the program K-A-N-C-A-N-E that is Kepo (Know Your Potential), Ayo Dolanan, Coto (Konco Cerito) Babad, Aku Jurnalis, Nonton, and EYL, UMM presents to empower students.
Kepo (Know Your Potential) is a program initiated by Counseling Guidance (BK) UMM to facilitate free counseling and mini psychology tests for students, especially adolescents. While Ayo Dolanan is the introduction of various kinds of traditional games as an effort to preserve Indonesian culture.
There is also Coto (Konco Cerito) Babad to educate and inspire through fairy tales and saga, Saya Jurnalis is to educate how to write and English for Young Learner (EYL) program to learn English.
In addition to carrying a complete program, this car is also completed with LED monitor facility, audio and full soundsystem features that can be used to display educative films.
Since Monday-Thursday (29 / 1-01 / 02) Mobil KaCa had spread the literacy spirit to Madura region, namely Sumenep, Pamekasan, Sampang and Bangkalan. One visitor, Siti Aminah admitted this activity is the first in Madura.
"This is good because I can read here, It's very helpful especially for me who are schooling at Islamic boarding school because I don't know where the bookstore is.  It also makes me easy to read and know various other books," said Siti, high school students XII Al Islah Sumenep Madura. (ard)


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