First Time in East Java, UMM KaCa Car Surprised Primary School Muslimat NU 1 of Sukun

Author : Humas | Thursday, March 15, 2018 16:22 WIB

Serious: Students of Primary School Muslimat NU 1 of Sukun pay attention to the explanation about EYL given by Rochmatika Nur Anisa (a student of English Department UMM). (Picture by: Ridlo)

KaCa Car owned by University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) (also called Thursday-Reading Car/KaCa Car) started its journey in Java Island. KaCa Car visited Primary School Nuslimat NU 1 of Sukun, Malang, East Java. There were 78 students of grade 4, 5, and 6 welcomed this visit enthusiastically.

The Student Coordinator of Primary School Muslimat NU 1 of Sukun, Sudarti conveyed that teachers and students are excited to welcome UMM KaCa Car. KaCa Car made the students to take a part and to interact with the society (UMM students and KaCa Car team). Sudarti said, “UMM KaCa Car helps the students to interact with others. It is very good for them”. The concept of KaCa Car made Sudarti surprised. She thought that the car is a library car.

She said, “At the first time, we thought that it is a library car. But, in fact, it is not. There are not only reading activity, but also many other activities that make students to be more creative”.  

Meanwhile, Muhammad Hanani, the teacher of Islamic education subject at Primary School Muslimat NU 1 of Sukun is appreciated UMM KaCa Car’s visit. There are many positive benefits for the students because KaCa Car provides the facilities. Hanani said, “The students need literacies to study. KaCa Car provides it for them. I am thankful for that”.

UMM KaCa Car has a program called K-A-N-C-A-N-E which means K stands for Kepo (Know your potential), Ayo Dolanan (Let’s Play), Nandur (Planting), Coto Babad/ Konco Cerito (Partner in Telling Sories), Aku Jurnalis (I’m a Journalist), and EYL (English for Young Learners). UMM exists to empower students.

Kepo (Know Your Potential) is a program initiated by UMM Counseling Guidance (BK) to give free counseling and mini psychology test for students especially juveniles. Meanwhile, Ayo Dolanan (Let’s Play) is an effort to preserve Indonesian cultures by playing traditional games. Nandur is an activity to teach how to plant. Coto Babad educates and inspires students through fairy tales and saga. Aku Jurnalis teaches how to write and EYL teaches English for students.

Hanani said, “I appreciate the students of UMM who come here today. It is very impressed. The students learn many things from this activity”.

Fira, a student of Grade 6 challenged herself to join Aku Jurnalis program. She did her first report by interviewing Siomay seller. She admitted that she is very happy because she could learn many things from UMM KaCa Car. She said, “Actually, I’m shy, but because of this, I become confident”. (lus)



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