The Care of The Dead Becomes Halaqoh Menu of Syiar Ramadhan UMM

Author : Humas | Tuesday, June 30, 2015 11:57 WIB

THE ACTIVITY of Syiar Ramadhan 1436 H at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) begins to enter the group sessions. Last week, this full-month event was opened by the Wali Band concert at UMM dome. This time it started with the group studies in each faculty and unit also the halaqoh for the lecturer and staffs.

The Rector Assistant for the Al-Islam and Muhammadiyah Studies Unit Dr. Nurhakim, M.Si explained that UMM will optimize this Holy Month by multiplying the worship activities. Besides, for the staffs and lecturers, this month is the best moment to reinforce ideology up to the practical knowledge and skills.

“For the halaqoh, we took a simple theme which becomes our daily activity, such as the guideline of congregation and the care of the dead,” he explained. This theme is the continuation of the last year halaqoh themed ‘ablution’. 

According to him, the theme, the care of the dead, was preferred due to the importance of sharia despite the fact that most Muslims tend to get involved without deep understanding. Besides, by choosing this theme, it is expected that the participants can contemplate the meaning of death.

“This is important for us to be enlightened in order to avoid mistakes in taking care the dead that is could be our family or relatives. Islam has perfect teachings, including taking care the dead,” he said.

The studies held in the units and faculties focused on the Philanthropy and Muhammadiyah Movement theme. This is aimed to motivate UMM surroundings to be more active in performing Islamic interaction by helping each other.

“There are enforcements of ideology and teachings about good deeds pioneered by KH Ahmad Dahlan since the formed of Muhammadiyah in the studies,” he informed.

Meanwhile, the series of Syiar Ramadhan lasting for last ten days of Ramadhan will be ended by the I’tikaf Ramadhan Study (PIR) for the lecturers and staffs.

The Chief Committee of Syiar Ramadhan UMM, Dr. Ihyaul Ulum, M.Si explained that there are also events opened for public, one of them is Pengajian Nuzulul Qur’an that will be held after Isya’ in AR Fahruddin mosque, Friday (3/7). The speakers of the event is an ITS Astronomer and also the founder of Pesantren Sains, DR Agus Purwanto, M.Sc.

Another event of Syiar Ramadhan, the culture-art event, is enlivened by the performance of Emha Ainun Najib dan Kyai Kanjeng at UMM helipad, Sunday (5/7).

“The two events are for free and open for public. Thus, we invite public to come and participate,” he ended. (nas/t_far)



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