Refreshing as a More-Challeging New Duty

Author : Humas | Monday, January 18, 2010 10:29 WIB


Again, UMM did occupation rotation in this late 2009 and early of 2010. At least, there were 12 Rector’s Letter which was published on December 2009 and January 2010. This rotation was called a refreshing for new duty.

The DirectorofUMM Innnow wasIr. Istisbaroh, MP. She replacedDra. Ratih Juliati, MM who had been rotated as the Chief of Management department for master program. The former department chief wasDra. Baroya Mila Santi, MM. While Drs. Ahmad Waluyo Jati, MM, who was the accountant of UMM Inn, now was rotated as the Chief of Accounting and Financial in UMM Inn.

The former Chief of UMM Press wasDrs. Wahyu Hidayat R, MM and was replaced by Ir. Joko Triwanto, MP. Joko Triwantowas the former Vice Dean III of Agriculture Faculty, while Wahyu now was the Special Staff of UMM Press for marketing.

The Special Staff of Public Relations Drs. Sugeng Pujileksono, MSi, was replaced by Joko Susilo, S.Sos, M.Si. Sugengwould concern on his doctoral program at UNAIR. Joko Susilo, before handling at the UMM Public Relations, was the Chief of Communication department.

The former Chief of UMM Amcor and AminefDrs. Nur Yasik, MPdwas replaced by Dr. Masduki, M.Pd. Nur Yasik now was the Special Staff of Amcor. Rector also had Dra. Siti Fatimah Soenaryo, M.Pd the Special Staff of Dormitory Supervising.

In Law Faculty, Haris Tofly, SH, MH was pointed as the Chief of Advocat for Profession program, Sulardi, SH. M.Si as the Chief of Law laboratorium. While the Chief of Law department wasCholidah, SH, replacingCatur Wido Haruniwho was pointed as the Vice Dean II of the faculty.The UMM Rector also pointed Herwastoeti, SH, Msi, as the Secretary of Consultation and Legal Aid Bureau. (t_ris)

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