Closing of the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary of UMM Large Family, Lively in a Familial Atmosphere

Author : Humas | Monday, August 20, 2018 16:23 WIB
No less festive, the closing of the 73rd Indonesian Cemmomerating (RI Anniversary) agenda was anticipated by all UMM staff, lecturers and partimers. Although the event was held on a cold evening, the audience remained enthusiastic until the end of the event. UMM Rector gave an appreciation to all who attended the event.
The event was more lively with the Nyawijing Tekad dance, which means to unite determination. This dance tells the determination to unite the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). The concept of the event with the family gathering nuances added the familiarity in the family atmosphere among lecturers and employees.
"The award in our deliberate closing program was the concept of family ghatering. Thus, the nuances of humor were created among UMM employees," said the Head of the Rector's Secretariat, Rina Wahyu Setyaningrum, M.Ed.
The moment of togetherness on Sunday night (8/18) at hellyped UMM was more enthusiastic with the music chant offering internal campus bands whose members were lecturers and students while waiting for the announcement of the winners of the competition.
Here are the first winners of each race. Champion 1 Onion and Apple Peel was won by Musafak from UMM Business Unit of the Professional Certification Institute. 1st winner Gobak Sodor was won by Security II. 1st of The Bentengan was won by UMM Inn. The 1st winner of Congklak was won by sister Ai from the Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan (AIK) units. The 1st winner of Egrang was won by sister Puji from the Sengkaling Tourism Park unit.
The 1st winner of Team Egrang was won by Sengkaling Tourism Park unit. The 1st winner of like a hero was won by Rinjani Workshop Unit. 1st winner of Volly was won by Sengkaling Recreational Park Unit. 1st Winner of Gymnastics Gemu Fa Mi Re was won by Sengkaling Recreational Park Unit. The 1st Benthik Champion was won by the Security Unit. The 1st winner of the biggest supporter was won by the Sengkaling Recreational Park Unit.
Meanwhile, for Wefie was won by Lab. Islamic Bank. 1st Winner of Short Film was won by the Law Faculty Laboratory and the 1st Selfie was won by Fitroh Nila from the Biology Laboratory.
At the end of the closing session, the cheers of the participants welcomed the victory of the overall champions from all competitions. The general champion was won by the defending champion, Sengkaling Recreational Park. (ard)


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