Author : Humas | Thursday, November 26, 2015 14:50 WIB
Olenka Fedak is serving jamu to the guest.

Olenka Fedak’s appreciation, a Ukrainian UMM students, is to be praised. She willingly acts as jamu seller for the International Student Summit guest held in UMM recently. She has to learn more about jamu, along with the “mbok jamu” dress and how to serve jamu.

           “This is an amazing. I really felt like an Indonesian through this experience,” said Olenka who is also able to dance traditional dance.

           She was nervous at the first time especially when she was asked about the benefit of the served jamu, but she was able to answer it somehow. She, even, wasn’t shy to say “Sorry, I don’t know about this because I just learned it,” when she didn’t know the answer.

           Along with her colleagues of internship program in UMM, Olenka is involved as International Student Summit committee by UMM. The involvement, stated by Fauzan as the Vice Rector II, is said to be the effective way to internalize the Indonesian culture to those studying culture. “They will be happy because not only learn about the concept but also implement it directly,” said Fauzan.

           Olenka has also deep impression on traditional dance. She learnt Ukrainian traditional dance for three years and didn’t get a chance to perform yet she learnt Javanese traditional dance for two weeks in UMM and got a chance to perform it at the Night of Art and Culture Expression (Maksidaya) UMM. “The beginning is always frightening but I felt really happy after performing it. What an unforgettable memories!” she said.

Even she hasn’t been a year in UMM, Olenka has already felt a lot changes in this university. “When I first came here (beside the library), there wasn’t anything at all. But, look now. There are a lot of gazebos for discussion use. There is also a new parking lot along with the new bridge,” asserted with awe by Olenka who was a student of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Olenka also found her fellow Ukrainian students in this university. There are two more Ukrainian students in UMM. They are Inna Rebeysta and Tetiana Ishchenko. (han/nas/t_rfd)


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