Awarding Honoris Causa Pakde Karwo, UMM Rector: The Evidence of UMM Concern for Vocational Education

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 27, 2018 16:17 WIB
Preparation for the procession of awarding the Honoris Causa Doctorate title to the governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo, S.H., M.Hum. (Photo: Rino / PR)

Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd., said that giving awards to a number of figures who were considered to have contributed to improving the quality and dignity of people's lives had long been a tradition developed by the White Campus.

This was conveyed by Fauzan when the speech in the Honoris Causa Doctoral awarding address to the Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo, S.H., M. Hum, Thursday (12/27). This award was due to his attention to the world of vocational education in order to improve the welfare of the people of East Java.

"Pakde Karwo is a governor who has a high commitment to preparing skilled workers from general education, vocational and Islamic boarding schools which are oriented towards reducing the gap between the reality of education, and the types of education available," said Fauzan.

The awarding of the Honoris Causa Doctorate to Pakde Karwo is one form of UMM's concern for vocational education in Indonesia. Vocational education, said Fauzan, is intended to answer the problems of the nation especially in preparing a generation of people who are superior and competitive.

Previously, UMM had conducted a series of developments in the quality of Vocational education, especially at UMM. "UMM has revitalized and reformulated the UMM education system including the vocational program revitalization program," Fauzan continued.

"Along with the advent of the era of demographic bonuses in Indonesia, universities should be actively involved in participating in the delivery of generations that can live well and be able to play a role in every change of life," Fauzan said.

This award to Pakde Karwo is one of the academic rituals of a long series of vocational education held by UMM. "This Vocational Program is to answer the problems of the nation especially in preparing a generation of people who are superior and competitive," he concluded.

As a real effort, UMM designed the establishment of the UMM Vocational Education Center (PPV) with a tagline creating moment, progressing talent. This PPV will have a pioneering vision in advancing talents. PPV will serve to start from the general public, children graduating from high school / vocational school as well as the UMM academic community.

"Giving opportunity anytime and to anyone to add and improve their skills, knowledge and attitudes according to their talents and interests so they can take the opportunity to become the main actors in Making Indonesia 4.0, as announced by President Joko Widodo," Fauzan explained.

To begin this PPV, UMM will open 5 schools of expertise. That are Design and Media, ICT and Electronics, Business and Management, Health and Hospitality, and Agribusiness. The five skill schools will be built on a 12.5-hectare building in the Karang Ploso area, Malang Regency, East Java.

"Furthermore, if the five PPVs have seen progress, UMM will certainly continue to develop and also add other fields of expertise which are truly needed and in accordance with the wishes of the work market atmosphere," he concluded.(Win)



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