Admission Test, UMM Holds Extra Monitoring

Author : Humas | Monday, May 11, 2015 15:44 WIB
Extra: Monitoring in Admission Test, on Monday (11/5).

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) seriously concerns on admission test. By now, the cheat monitoring has been tightly implemented for each admission test. It also covers the first period admission held on Monday (11/5). In that investigation, the university along with Malang Police Officers have found exam jockeys.
UMM Rector Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP explained that as progressive university, UMM should always improve its admission selections. Despite the numerous applicants enlisting into the university, UMM has to keep maintaining the selection objectively. "We would never tolerate any kinds of cheating. The applicants should pass it by using their own ability," he said.

Due to the jockey-case disclosure, UMM insures all selected students have truly passed the admission selection. In spite of this fact, the investigation on this case would be deeply digged up. The investigation team led by Vice Rector II Fauzan would promise to maintain the selection processes in order to avoid any kinds of cheating.

Meanwhile, admission selection has been running orderly despite the disclosure. There were five jockeys seized in different test rooms and they were interrogated in a special room. They used hidden communication tools. The tools were connected to outsiders providing answers for the test after receiving question pictures. "They use mini modified camera and magnetic speaker planted in ears. The questions are captured and sent in a server. Then, it is answered by a team located in Jogja," explained Fauzan. An individual should pay 120 million to 160 million rupiahs.
From the investigation, UMM has successfully arrested two cheating operators nearby. "We use student who has used their service to lure them out. Then, we hand them to police," added Fauzan.

Rector hoped this case could become main concern for all people, especially for parents and academicians. This such intolerant cases were feared to be a shortcut for those having great economy yet having less academic capability.
"That is why, all should do the same thing, anticipating this such cheating while enlisting into university, especially as they enroll into Medical Faculty which should meet great capability since they have to deal with other's life," he ended. (zul/nas/t_stu)



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