Studying in Oslo: Afdila Owns High Interest in Human Rights

Author : Humas | Tuesday, March 10, 2015 14:40 WIB
Colleagues: Afdila (wearing pink veil) as taking a picture with students from various states.

Being student activist gives special advantage for Binti Nikmatul Afdila, graduate from International Relationship Department of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (HI UMM) who was just graduated at February 28th, 2015. She got experience to learn International Human Rights Law in University of Oslo, Norway in last 2014 due to her Human Right research.

            During her lecturing in UMM, Afdila got involved in Reading Group for Social Transformation (RGST) community developed by Islamic and Philosophy Studies Center (PSIF) UMM. Due to her involvement, Afdila could become the only one representing UMM in Oslo. “Actually, this scholarship is designed for post-graduate student. Due to the wide opportunity for student activist, I could apply it,” explain Afdila.

            She explained that the selection was not easy for she had to compete with other activists, academicians, and human right researchers. Afdila could enroll to this scholarship since she was regarded as RGST activist.

MONOLITH TOWER: Afdila as taking selfie in Monolith Tower, Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway. 

      Her interest in Human Right was supported by her role in Master Level Course (MLC) program developed by Religion and Multiculturalism Studies Center (Pusam) under monitored by UMM Post-graduate program. Pusam gave opportunity to Afdila to study in Oslo due to its great relationship among University of Oslo Norway, Brigham Young University United States of America, National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (NCEIS) Australia, etc. in terms of Human Rights.

            She also hoped for other students to be UMM representative. “Always try every chance you get. Struggle for it. Whenever you fail, try to another one,” said her.

Opportunity for all UMM students

            Related to this scholarship, a researcher of Pusam Hasnan Bachtiar explained that this program was designed for those working on Sharia and Human Right research. All students might apply this scholarship as long as they have high interest in Human Right, Peace, and Freedom of Religion in Indonesia.   

            Requirements given by Pusam were not that much. Students could fill scholarship form, curriculum vitae, motivation letter, and full paper related to Sharia and Human Right as what has been written by Afdila “Women, Human Rights, and Sharia.”

            Every qualified applicant shall follow three-phase program conducted by MLC: short course, research, and presentation. During MLC, applicant will be guided by a mentor and facilitator (expert in Human Right) from various states. Through this program, the applicant will be selected and sent as delegation to study in Oslo.

            Hasnan also told that this program had been established since 4 years ago. In three previous terms, Pusam had sent its delegation to Oslo and Afdila was third delegation. “It has been 3 terms, who knows you will be the next,” he ended. (ila/han/t_stu)



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