Author : Humas | Thursday, July 02, 2015 14:50 WIB

A LOT of activities kept University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) occupied in this Ramadhan. Besides holding the annual events namely tadarus, halaqoh, and i’tikaf studies for lecturers and staffs, UMM also commemorate the Nuzulul Qur’an at 17 Ramadhan or July 3 2015. There are two big events planned to improve the appreciation of the Qur’an revelation, they are tabligh akbar and religious and cultural concert.    

The Chief Committee Dr. Ihyaul Ulum, M.Si informed that there will be Dr. Agus Purwanto, a physic expert from Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS) and the staff of Hisab Field and Science and Technology of Fatwa-Making Agency of Muhammadiyah Central Board.  The event will be opened after tonight taraweh (Friday, 3/7) at AR Fahruddin mosque. Meanwhile, the religious and cultural performances will present humanists Emha Ainun Najib and Kyai Kanjeng at UMM helipad on Sunday (5/7) after the taraweh.      

“These two events are open for public as the realization of dakwah for society. We invite all Muslims in Malang and surroundings,” said Ulum.

Furthermore, Ulum explained that the lecturing that will be delivered by Agus Purwanto is all about Science and Qur’an. Agus is known as the author of Best Seller book “Ayat-ayat Semesta” who has a wide insight in interpreting Qur’an scientifically. He is also the founder of Pesantren Sains at Jombang and Sragen.   

Meanwhile, the religious and cultural concert raised the ‘Sinau Nuzulul Qur’an’ as the theme. According to Ulum, it carries Qur’anic teachings through the messages in form of choirs, poems, and songs. “Emha has many followers. Along with Kyai Kanjeng he will entertain and teaching at once,” he said.

The Vice Rector II UMM Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd suggested to improve the quality of Ramadhan in UMM gradually year by year. Therefore, Tabligh UMM also conducted Community Service at isolated area and surrounding campus.     

 “This year we involved all the elements of staffs, including those from business units such as hotel, hospital, repair shop, and Sengkaling park,” he explained.

Furthermore, all the mosques possessed by UMM also functioned as the place to pray taraweh, i’tikaf, managing the zakat al-fitr, providing suhur meal, and as the place for musafir to iftar. As widely known, UMM has three mosques on different locations in Malang: Ad-Dakwah Mosque at Campus II, AR Fahruddin Mosque at Campus II, and KH Bedjo Dermoleksono Mosque at UMM Hospital. (nas/t_far)



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