Drastically Increased Enthusiasts: UMM Focuses on Quality Improvement

Author : Humas | Monday, August 10, 2015 17:34 WIB

THE APPLICANTS of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) admission increased drastically compared to last year. This year, the number of applicants of the first and second period of admission reached 22.000, excluding the amount of applicants of the later third period. It exceeds the last year record, 14.000 applicants.         

According to the official website of students admission (pmb.umm.ac.id), there were 9.921 applicants in the first period and 12.145 in the second one. Although it is increased drastically, the Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Bambang Widagdo, MM said that UMM will decrease the quota of students admission.

“Last year, UMM accepted more than 7000 students. This year, even though the applicants exceed the quota, we only accept 6000 due to the quality of service,” he said.

According to him, as a university focusing on quality, UMM puts serious concern over the ratio balancing between the lecturers and students and also the quality of the service.

“As a private university, the paramount importance of UMM is public trust. That is why we take it seriously to improve the quality of service. That is what we can rely on to yield high-competing graduates,” he explained.

Regarding the overflowing applicants, the selection process is held in UMM Campus I, II and III, UMM Dome, UMM Hospital, UMM Students Dormitory, UMM Inn and classrooms of Islamic and vocational school around Tlogomas.

He continued that in general, the process is held successfully for having a high standard of security with the assistance of Malang Police Resort (Polres). “We are talking about credibility. We would never let jockeys take action under our noses. Concerning the public trusts, we strive to realize the public’s expectation that UMM is a highly integrated university,” he said.

He added that UMM will open the third period of admission for certain departments that has not yet meet the quota according to the passing grade standard. “The admission of Medical Faculty is officially close,” he said. (han/t _far) 


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