The Skyrocketing Number of Applicants in UMM Second Admission

Author : Humas | Saturday, July 11, 2015 13:05 WIB

THE NUMBER of applicants of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Second Admission is increasing. Up until now, the number of applicants is 5.400. The Vice Rector I UMM Prof Dr. Bambang Widagdo, MM is optimistic that there will be 15.000 applicants registered on the closing time of registration (August 8 2015).

“Seeing the trend, we are optimistic for the rapid increase. This also happened on the last period that increased twice than last year,” said him. In the first period, UMM has selected 9000 applicants and accepted 2.873 of them.

The high interest on UMM is considered as the proof that society has equal preference for both private and state university. Nowadays the choice does not lay on the status of university since the quality assurance is transparent. Moreover, the quality and fee of study are now easy to compare. “Insha Allah, UMM has advantage whether on accreditation, quality, and education fee comparison,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the monitoring during the Ramadan, the amount of applicants steadily increased due to the online system applied by UMM. The applicants only have to attend the Academic Potential Test (TPA). The second period test will be held on August 10 2015 at Campus III UMM.   

Furthermore, he added that commonly those who fail in first period reapply for the second one. He expected that the applicants are willing to take the test seriously. The        

The Head of Public Relation of UMM, Nasrullah, said that the purpose of inviting the directors is to introduce them to media in order to prepare them conducting the media relations independently. “Media is the strategic partners of UMM especially for the business units. Therefore this gathering is the perfect moment to establish good relationship among each others,” he explained. All the form of fraud namely test jockey

There are three periods of admission in UMM. The third period will be opened right after the second one up until August 29, 2015. It is important to notice that not all of programs will be available in this period.

“Programs that have met with the students’ allocation according to defined passing- grade will not be available on third period,” Bambang explained. He expected that the applicants optimize the chance in the second period to get into their desired programs. (ima/nas/t_far)



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