Ethical Thought in Health Research, KEPK UMM: It's Mandatory!

Author : Humas | Monday, October 15, 2018 14:03 WIB
The participants took pictures after attending the training (Special Photo)
The Ethics Commission of Health Research, University of Muhammadiyah  Malang (KEPK UMM) held an Advanced Basic Ethics (EDL) training to emphasize scientific and ethical thinking in a study because the researchers must have ethical thinking in conducting their research that takes human or animal subjects. More importantly, ethical thinking must also be presented So, a study has clear boundaries.
In this training, Hidajah Rachmawati, as the Secretary of KEPK UMM emphasized that a research is very reasonable if you have to think scientifically, but researchers must not forget ethical thinking. "if all this time a study must be based on scientific thinking, it's right. But somehow it must also be accompanied by ethical thinking if the research subjects are human and animal," explained Hidajah.
In addition, continued Hidajah, research that carried out humans and animals as a subject must fulfill the Ethical Clearence (EC). EC is a written ethical feasibility to determine whether a research is feasible or not. "So, why research must have Ethical Clearence?In order there no subjects nor humans are exploited," she added.
In the EC, there are three main principles, namely Good, Fair and Respectful (BAH). Research must benefit both the subject and the related scientific fields. Researchers must also be fair in researching that is fair in the form of a balance of benefits with the risks that must be taken by the subject. Finally, researchers must respect the subject by considering the psychological and physical risks of the subject under the study.
The guidelines used in Etical Clearence are guidelines made by the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) made in 2016. The guidelines apply globally. So, every research conducted with human or animal subjects must comply with the guidelines. "With this training, it is expected that there will be no ethical violations in research," concluded Hidajah.
The training was attended by various agencies. Instead of UMM, there was also RSUD. Dr.Harjono Ponorogo, Malang Poltekes, Brawijaya University, and Stikes Kendedes. The training which was held for three days was begun on 10 to 12 October 2018 yesterday at UMM Campus II Hall. (UM Public Relations)


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