UMM Accounting Students' Opportunities Work in Mining

Author : Humas | Monday, October 31, 2016 13:58 WIB
Accounting Alumni UMM, Ilham Nugraha, who is also corporate finance and controlling manager senior national gold mining company PT Multi Harapan Utama Coal Mining Company when speaking in front of UMM Accounting student.
Accountant profession is identic with the work behind the counter and wrestle with the book-keeping. But, what happens if the accountant profession has a career in mining? That will be tried outlined in Accounting student of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Monday-Tuesday (31 / 10-1 / 11) through the Short Course Accounting for Specific Purpose.
This course is one of the programs of Student Added Value Program (SADAP) Accounting Laboratory UMM. UMMAccounting Alumni , Ilham Nugraha, who is also corporate finance and controlling senior manager national gold mining company PT Multi Harapan Utama Coal Mining Company, lined up as presenters. As a practitioner, Ilham explained how a akuntans active in the mining world.
According to Ilham, the accounting profession which is in mining has several characters, one of which uncertainties. This is because the accountant also participated in the investigation process in mineral resources. This investigations could probably be carried out in several times but have not gotten the results. Moreover, unlike other companies, the longer company stands will increase its product, but the mining company is not. The longer company's stand, variations productivity As supplies dwindle mines are depleted. Therefore, as a professional accountant who will occupy the position as finance and credit analyst must be creative.
Ilham also explained the challenge as an accountant in the mining fairly is tricky. This profession will change with the change of accounting operations. The professional operational accountant is whom know the ins and outs of the mining operations. UMM's Accounting Lecturer, Lutfirrahman, which is responsible for the short course this time revealed that short course is a program that is very useful for students.
"Short course has a plus for accounting students because it gives the material that was not provided in the lecture section. AS science, a certificate from a national gold mining companies will be useful for students when entering the workforce later, "said Lutfi.
Through SADAP, Accounting lab UMM has a variety of programs, one of which is a short course. Short course has three themes, namely the taxation of private courses, syariah accounting, and accounting mining. The three types of short courses are guided by a practitioner in his field. Accounting in mining has entered the mat to 6th in 2016. At the end of the year, short course of export and import will be held. (Ich / han)


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