The Opportunities for Vocational Education Institute in 4.00 Era

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 04, 2018 15:36 WIB

Welcoming the revolution industry in 4.0, special skills are needed to face globalization, particularly in the world of trade, especially for dealing with ASEAN Economic Community. This make short courses ranging from bartenders, chefs, make-up artist and so onbecome the invasion of young people to housewife.

Expert staff in the field of innovation and competitiveness namely Ir.Ananto Kusuma Seta M.Sc, PhD convey that this phenomenon doesn’t only occur in Indonesia, but also in the other part of the world. This can be an opportunity for the University of Muhammadiyah Malang to establish Vocational Education Institute.

In addition to that reason, Ananta said that based on survey conducted, there are 20 Top Indonesian CEO claim they did not get college graduates according to what they need. This is very unfortunate, because only a few graduates who work accordance to their field.

It’s become introduction for us to establish UMM Vocational Education Institute with the taglinecreating moments, progressing talent. UMM Vocational Education Institute has a vision in pioneering advanced talent, "he said at the Vocational Education Workshop" Challenges and Prospects of Vocational Education at UMM, (3/10).

Prioritizing the quality of graduates, UMM Vocational Education Institute planned to lift the CREATIVE layout namely Care, Religious, Entrepreneurs, Agile, Teamwork, Innovative, Visionary and Excellence.

"Another reason we want to utilize industry in 4.0. Secondly to reduce unemployment figures, thirdly to increase global competitiveness, utilize a geography bonus, our demographic bonus should be changed from the consumptive to the productive as well and the fifth enhance the export of skilled worker. "It's like our collaboration with Japan," he added.

Later UMM Vocational Education Institute will serve a variety of people, ranging from general public, students graduated from Senior High School, and UMM students itself. Later, the graduates will gain soft skill, creative entrepreneur, plural skills, adaptive and lifetime learning, also global citizenship.

Planned to provide an education by following the development of millennial-era, UMM Vocational Education Institute planned to have 5 schools with various field, school of design and media have specialization program in interactive design, school of IT and electronic, school of business and management, school of health and hospitality which have specialization in pastry and baking, and school of agribusiness which have specialization in landscape. “So that the graduates could design the future with their own passion,” added Ananto.

Beside specifically designed in its curriculum, UMM Vocational Education Institute later planned as well as the campus with a multi stakeholder, integrated facilities management, e-management, and Green Environment by using all sophisticated with less paper. (wid/sil)



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