Final Writing Training, BEMU Motivates of Quickly Graduating

Author : Humas | Monday, May 17, 2010 11:58 WIB
Dr. Sugiarti, M. Si motivates students to finish thesis

           Who says that studying in the university and at the same time working and joining organization cannot quickly graduate? The proof was many students who also work and active in organization could be passed quickly, for example Ellen Meiza Yasak. Beside working as a journalist in a newspaper, active joining photography club Jufoc, she could graduate in seven semesters. It means that she spent only 3.5 years in university. Now, Ellen has been accepted as a lecturer at University of Muhammadiyah  Surakarta (UMS), who had previously worked as a reporter in Suara Surabaya FM.

           Ellen's story is only a little part of the success stories of UMM students. With the enforcement provisions of the graduation of four times a year, students are now racing to immediately pass and immediately reached for employment opportunities. "I just wanted to prove that university study quickly does not mean having lack of quality," said Ellen.

           To boost the study period to be on time, a number of Student Executive Institution (BEMU) organized a Final Writing Training Courses (P2TAK). The activity held o Saturday (5/8) was intended to motivate students not to make the final writing assignment frightening. "This training is intended to encourage students to be aware of the time and immediately determine steps to complete the thesis," said the BEMU Coordinator of the Department of Education, Mulyanto.

           Training took place at the Laboratory of Micro Teaching. Vice Rector III (PR III) Drs. Joko Widodo, M.Si. and Dr. Sugiarti, M.Si who also achieved 1st Achieved Lecturer I of 2010.

           PR III said, it was often that final writing assignment become something frightening for students especially of semester nine and more, whereas, the problem does not often lie on thesis material substance, GPA or students’ intelligence. Barriers often come precisely from low student motivation who are less accustome to writing. "It actually would not be experienced by students who often writes since the beginning of the semester. It is also important to have carefulness, perseverance and good communication with advisors," said Joko.

           Joko said, because the on time graduation affects university accreditation, thus the student are asked to finish their thesis soon. There are many activities that can be done on campus rather than ignored outside without doing anything. "Being a part-time worker on campus is more useful and it motivates to complete the thesis," said Joko.

           At UMM, said Joko, there is no reason of difficult finding the advisors because all the lecturers have been given a teaching position outside the teaching task, so they can be ascertained of often being on campus rather than outside. It is different from other universities which allow the lecturers to work here and there.

           Meanwhile, Sugiarti stated motivation is the most important factor to finish the thesis. According to her, the most important thing is recognizing what we have mastered for later to be studied. It is also about the ability and willingness to see the opportunity that exists around to be research material. "Do not write a thesis about something you do not master," Sugiarti instructed.

          To support the final project, Sugiarti also advised students to use campus facilities as well. "The library provides complete references, so take the advantages as much as possible. Staying longer in the library would be very helpful," she explained.

           In research, said Sugiarti, it is basically focused on three things, those are the problem as a basis for research to be studied, formulating the research problem and research methodology related to accuracy with research issues, the relevance to the research purpose, the number of variables being examined, the number of samples or research subjects and the existence of supporting tools (devices and computer programs). (rwp/nas/t_alf)




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