Teenager Mental Health Care, Mia Picked Up Bullying In Indonesia to Korea

Author : Humas | Thursday, March 28, 2019 09:59 WIB
Participants from various countries. (Photo: Special)

Miarti Amanah Riesky, University of Muhammadiyah Malang International Relationship students just returned to Indonesia after took a part in International Conference Asia Pacific Youth Week 2019 at Seoul, Korea.

By the theme “Leading the Generation Unlimited to Prepare for 2030”, this United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN Habitat) the one which organizes the event collaborating with Studec International were participated by 130 participants from 25 countries. From developing countries such as India, Cambodia, Indonesia to developed countries such as England, Australia, and Singapore.

Prepared with “The importance of Mental Health for Young Generation” as the essay title, Mia was selected to go with 29 other Indonesian participants. Mia told that this essay wasfrom her personal experience where she was a victim of bullying in her High School at Jakarta.

“I want to tell the world that the condition of teenagers in Indonesia was very vulnerable to Bullying,” Mia said (Wednesday, 27/3).

Mia took a photo in one of the iconic place in South Korea. (Photo: Special)

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This five days and 4 night event were discussing various millennial issues such as politic, economy, education, and culture. Not just that, this program provided a non-academic experience and knowledge about Korean cultures. Such as wearing Hanbok or Korean clothes, tea making ceremony and the making of Kimchi (Korean food).

 “Furthermore we had the opportunity to visit Korea national television station NBC TV and learn the media ins and outs in that country,” Mia added.

Mia recognized that her departure to Korea got an obstacle. This 20 years old woman was hard to get her parents’ permission because she will go there alone without a companion. Then, after she gave an explanation, she got her mothers’ permission.  

 “When I was there, my mom was the proudest,” she said.

After frequent time in joining various International event in Indonesia, this second child of three siblings feels the most unique experience when she was in Korea in February until last March. From the drastic weather difference and the Korean culture that awe her.

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 “I was shockedat first with the weather, the temperature there reaches-5 degrees Celsius. Not just that, I was very awed by their culture, from the educational aspect that junior high school students should study up to 14 hours every day in their school,” he added.  

Inthe end, Mia leavesa message to other students to keep active in looking for information related to programs which will develop their experience and knowledge, including non-academic programs.

 “We as students must be active in looking for information out there in order to expand our potency, whether it is academic or even non-academic,” she concluded. (joh)



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