Caring The Health of Staffs: UMM Signs MoU between UMM and BPJS

Author : Humas | Saturday, February 28, 2015 13:49 WIB
OFFICIAL: Rector Prof Dr Muhadjir Effendy MAP (two from right) after signing MoU between UMM and BPJS represented by Head of BPJS Malang Dr Bimantoro AAK (right) in 75th Graduation Ceremony at UMM Dome (28/2)

Coinciding with 75th Graduation, on Saturday (28/2), University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of Health and Social Assurance Bureau (BPJS) district Malang. The agreement, according to Head of BPJS Malang Dr. Bimantoro AAK, was form of care from UMM towards staff’s safety and health.

            “In Malang there are 112 Public Health Centers, 78 doctors, 21 clinics, and 31 hospitals (RS) including UMM Hospital yet still most of them have not yet collaborated with BPJS,” said Bimantoro. Therefore, he added that this agreement should be appreciated.

            “Previously, UMM Hospital has collaborated with BPJS. It should be appreciated since UMM as well as its hospital have supported national health assurance,” said him. Supporting this statement, UMM Rector Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy MAP explained by signing this MoU between BPJS and UMM Hospital, university would always improve public service in terms of health care. Currently, UMM Hospital has added a new facility named Catheterization Laboratory.

            “By utilizing this laboratory, UMM Hospital starting from Juny could assist the stent or ring installation for patient with heart attack. This moment, dozens of nurses and medical technicians taking care of this stage are participating special training. Later, people do not have to go abroad for ring installation. UMM Hospital has been ready to do so,” explained him.  

            After speech, BPJS represented by Bimantoro and UMM represented by Muhadjir signed MoU. The procession was witnessed by General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Council (PP) Prof. Dr. HM Din Syamsuddin MA, Chairman of UMM Daily Advisory Board Prof. Drs. HA Malik Fadjar, M.Sc, Vice Leader of Higher Education Department of Muhamadiyah Central Council (PP) Prof. Dr. HM Noor Rochman Hadjam SU, Main Director of UMM Hospital Prof. dr. Djoni Djunaedi, Sp.PD, KPTI, and 947 graduates along with parents and guests.

            UMM Hospital since last month has been able to assist BPJS patients. As having been known, UMM Hospital has many excellences such as having many modern peripherals and qualified doctors and nurses. “Apart from these excellences, UMM Hospital always gives best treatment for everyone,” said secretary of UMM BPH Drs. Wakidi. The BPJS-UMM agreement extension will later cover hospital reconciliation service, BPJS services for faculties as well as staffs, medical trainings and workshops, and society submission.

            All faculties and staffs of UMM currently have been registered as BPJS members. However, for those having been registered due to self-initiative or responsibility for being civil servant, they could allocate their membership into UMM as appointment. (zul/han/nas/t_stu)



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