For The First Time, UMM Debate Team Is The National Champion After Winning Several Runner Up Positions

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 03, 2019 14:45 WIB
UMMI Debate Team achieve a trophy. (Photo: Special) 

Always became the runner up in every debate competition, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Debater Team with Ana Fauzia, M. Fitrah Ashary Bangun, and Wildan Arifas the members finally won the first place. Through the Management Education Fair 3 (MANUFAIR) at Jember University, the debate team named "UMMI" won the first place in the national economic debate competition.

Previously, a result of a collaboration between the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Law UMM debate team successfully recorded its best result in four national-level debate events with only achieving runner-up positions. Recently, this team won the Darma Cendika Catholic University Debate Competition (ECOFU) University, Surabaya, June 29, 2019. As a runner-upfor several times.

Not just being the Champion, Fitrah is even more proud after achieved the Best Speaker in this competition. Previously they went through a series of selection stagesin order to get the top 16 teams. Those who want to come to this debate must make an essay with the theme "Actualizing the Role of Government, Entrepreneurs, and Academics in Facing the Challenges of the Digital Economy in the Disruptive Era".

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With this predetermined theme, they raised the political economy in the form of optimizing the Palapa Ring sky toll. "Optimizing the sky toll or Palapa Ring by adding wifi facilities through village funds. This step is the right solution for the improvement of the digital economy. This can also encourage community creativity as well," said Wildan who is the leader of the UMMI UMM group.

They emphasized that the Palapa Ring sky toll conception that the government wanted to implement was a good policy for the distribution of signals, internet, and the needs of digital technology in Indonesia, especially for remote areas. Through this essay, they are able to transform thoughts based on facts and theories, so that they can pass the selection and win the competition.

In this debate, they were able towin from the UGM debate team in the top eight, the UIN Sunan Kalijaga debate team in the semi-finals, and in the final round, they managed towin from the STIE Perbanas Surabaya debate team. Wildan admitted that this debate was tenser than the debate they had participated in. Wildan and Ana, who are law department students, must learn more about economics.

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"Many words and terms that we do not know, but we must learnabout that. Moreover, the motion was given 15 minutes before the debate. So we have to work even more extra," said Wildan. These obstacles made them even more enthusiast. With their busy activities outside the debate, such as college assignments and organizations, they must agree to study together after Fajr.

"The key is having a will to process and want to be processed. Like not sleeping, study at dawn, accepting advice and refutation. This process needs to be done. Because we can be 1st place now, none other than the results of our process so far," said Wildan. They believe, the process will not betray the results. This achievement as the first champion did not necessarily make them stop achieving other brilliant achievements.(joh)



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