Peace Corps Learns about Sisdiknas before Teaching

Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 11, 2010 16:37 WIB

           Preparation of 19 USA Peace Corps volunteers who was studying at UMM in assisting the English teaching at several schools in East Java steadily growing. This was evidenced by the holding of HUB Meeting which brought in Peace Corps Program Manager, Muhammad Miftahudin and Training Manager Ananda Roman, Friday (07/05).

           Miftahudin delivered lecture material on the education system in Indonesia. He explained about the school structure, level and type of school where they would be placed such as MAN, SMKN, SMA LB, SMPN, SMP LB, MTsN, SDN and SD LB. It was especially about the difference between public and private schools, and under what department the school is. For example, school like MAN which is also under the supervision of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

           "Actually, HUB Meeting was divided into several parts. Previously, the meeting was abouthealth problem which was filled with vaccination. Meanwhile, in this session we only provide information on macro level of the education system to the volunteers as preparation before practices," Ananda Roman explained. The kind of schools which got the opportunity to be included into the program were the schools which were still needing the help on developing English language learning. Of course, such kinds of schools are still far from “top leveled school”.

In order to succeed the program, Ananda hoped that there would be a good cooperation and communication between the Peace Corps which was represented by UMM and the local government. Volunteers were only helping to support and develop existing teaching materials without intending to replace the teacher’s main duties at the school. "Previously, they already have had the teaching experience as their basic skills. Thus, it is expected that they could give teaching methodology that can be left for the schools to be used later," Ananda added.

           Discussions looked quite exciting especially when Miftahhudin was bombarded with questions by the bule (name sticked on White people by Indonesians) such as question from Coline about Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP) and from Scotte aboutthe national curriculum being used. In addition, question about School Committee came from Maggie.

           Moreover, beside filled with discussion, the event was also filled with presentations of each group about the culture, public figure and national holidays in Indonesia. "They're assigned to do research about the culture, history, islands and politics in Indonesia. Therefore, these new kind of things become interesting to them," Miftah added.

           Materials displayed by Pandan Rejo group were about Lebaran, Borneo and the figure of Soekarno. Then, following the first, Tlekung group raised the issue of Ramadan, Papua and the Emancipation of Kartini. Meanwhile, Junrejo group was interested in discussing the phenomenon of Maulid of the Prophet, Megawati and beauty of Bali. The last group was Giripurno which had tried researching the island of Sumatra, Idul Adha and Gus Dur. (rwp/nas/t_alf)



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