Pakde Karwo: Ummatan Washatan Should Help The Poor

Author : Humas | Sunday, June 28, 2015 11:15 WIB

THE GOVERNOR of East Java, Soekarwo, or famously known as ‘Pakde Karwo’, commented on the concept of ummatan washatan proposed by the East Java Muhammadiyah Regional Executive Board (PWM) in Kajian Ramadhan (Ramadhan Study) 1436 Hijriah held on Saturday and Sunday, June 27-28 2015 at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). For him, the concept of ummatan wasathan should extend help for the poor.  

According to him, the ummatan washatan is a proper term to describe a concept of balance and justice. “In order realize it, this principle of balance should be applied in the regulation,” he said in his speech.

He convinced that if the concept can be applied well, the disparity caused by liberalism can be stemmed. For him, if the liberalism benefits those who practice it, then the concept of ummatan wasathan which underlining the justice should be the ‘virus’ controlling the balance.

Furthermore, he assessed that the nemesis of democracy is the injustice and thus the internalization of the ummatan wasathan concept should be absolute in order to prevent society being pressured by the burden. “The internalization of this concept should contribute to the economic growth,” he asserted.

In the end of his explanation, Soekarwo expected that Muhammadiyah will always be able to take this important role. “I hope Muhammadiyah always thrive on helping the poor just like the sun shining people of East Java,” he ended.   

On the previous session, the study had discussed the concept of ummatan washatan themed “Ummatan Washatan untuk Indonesia Berkemajuan”, historically led by the Head of Majelis Tarjihand Tajdid of Muhammadiyah Central Executive Board Prof. Dr Syamsul Anwar, in the fiqih way by the Head of historically Central Executive Board of Muhammadiyah Prof. D.r Yunahar Ilyas, and theologically by the ex-rector of State Islamic University (UIN) Yogyakarta, Prof. Dr. Amin Abdullah. (han/t_far)



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