UMM Energy Expert: Water, Wind, and Solar Become Future Electricity Sources

Author : Humas | Wednesday, May 15, 2019 12:54 WIB
Ir. H Suwignyo, MT. (Photo: Zaki/Humas)

Expert in the division of Drinking Water Pipe Network Planning and Dam Water Pipelines and Small Dam Ir. H Suwignyo, MT. said that in the future, every power plant energy will be switched to water, wind and solar or sun.Considering, the availability of fossil fuels, such as petroleum and others, is getting thinner.

One of the technologies that can be used to anticipate this insufficiency is by developing a Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) technology. In the last few years, Suwignyo has done a lot of research on technology that began to become the world's attention to anticipate the lack of energy.

Met in his officeon Wednesday (5/15), thislecturer who born in Jember presented the opportunities and development of PLTMHin the future.Due to his dedication and sincerity in the field of energy, the lecturer of the Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering was awarded a UMM Special Award 2019.

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Startedsince 2000 withhissix students, Suwignyo began his study of his first PLTMH, which is Sengkaling PLTMH1. After several revisions and also evaluationsofboth studies and designs, finally, the sengkaling PLTMHwas constructed in 2007 and operated for the first timein early 2008.

Furthermore, in 2012 the PLTMH was also built at Sumber Maron Subdistrict Pagelaran Malang Regency, where thisPLTMHstudy was started in 2009. In 2015 sengkaling 2 PLTMHwas also built,in order tocontinue thestudies since 2001. AndthenewestPLTMH isat Andeman Boonpring Tourism.

In simple terms, Suwignyosaid thatto determine the size of electricity produced. It depends on the size of the turbine and also the amountoffallingwater.As for the PLTMH on the Andeman Boonpring tourism turbines has a diameter of 30 cm, and it is expected to produce for about 15,000 watts of electricity energy.

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Regarding the award of the Renewable Energy Developer category that received by Suwignyo, he was surprised and did not expect it. He never thinks to get that achievement.Moreover, pursuethe yearly title that given bythe National Education Day commemoration ceremony at UMM some time ago.

 “Maybe, it is an appreciation from the University of Muhammadiyah Malangfor the work of the academic community. Indeed, I wish this award can inspire other lecturers to work and innovate.Even though (actually, red.) I don't intend to do that," he said.

The big dream before retiring, Suwignyo wanted to create a design of an energy generator from an electricity-producing turbine along the Bali Strait Bridge, which is about 39 KM long."If this plan happened the impact will be extraordinary.Because it can produce a very large electric power,” he said optimistically. (joh)



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