Mr. Malik Closes Gebyar Ramadan in Campus 1431 H

Author : Humas | Tuesday, August 31, 2010 15:21 WIB
        Followed by 500 lecturers and staffs of UMM, Prof. HA Malik Fajar, MSc. delivered pengajian after dhuhur prayer and closed off the series of activities Gebyar Ramadan in Campus 1431 H of UMM held since the first day of the fasting month, in the mosque AR Fachruddin, Monday (31/8).

         With his baritone tone and calm style, Mr. Malik—his familiar name, delivered speech about the essence of taqwa (being obedient to God’s order) as the “fruit” of fasting. Described that taqwa could encourage high grateful enthusiasm. "By promoting a sense of gratitude, life will be more meaningful because we can feel the enjoyment of what we earn and have," he explained.

Related to UMM institutionally, Mr Malik urged the entire academic community to have a deep sense of gratitude and creativity as well as the optimal working power as the embodiment of Gebyar Ramadan activities. He emphasized, after Gebyar Ramadan, each participant should show the brilliance based on each capacity and duty.

         Mr. Malik reminded, amid majority downturn of private educational institutions wholefully, UMM still has a high level of confidence (trust). It shall be maintained with the synergy of all the elements of academic community. He explained that institution of higher education has three strategic tasks; these are producing professionals, preparing future leaders, and seedling future civilization. Thus, institutions should be fully sincerity managed based on the future vision and clear vision, not only an empty delusion. It is vision with program implementation threaded continuously. "There's no word stop," he said. So, when a program or activity has already completed it must be continued with the next program or activity. "From one point or terminal to the next point or terminal," he stated the term.
            Finally, Mr. Malik gave a positive note about the things conducted by UMM, such as strategic P2KK program for building cadre and personality, UMM’s jargon “From Muhammadiyah for the Nation” which has deep and broad meaning and that in fact got special attention from the many figures, such as Adi Sasono, asked to be the spirit of creativity and worship by the entire academic community. (jss/t_alf)



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