Parents Are Interested in The Scholarships to UMM Students

Author : Humas | Monday, June 01, 2015 15:58 WIB

The gathering of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Executive Board and the freshmen’ parents of first-round registration on academic years 2015/2016 which was held on Sunday (31/5) UMM Dome was participated by 2000 parents along with the freshmen. This event went on with several questions by parents concerning scholarships.

“My child decided to enroll at UMM because he is interested in the scholarships offered here. Mr. Rector, how can we get the scholarship?” asked one of the parents during discussion. The Rector of UMM Prof Dr. Muhadjir Effendi, MAP immediately answered it by saying that the key to get the scholarship is simply by hard work.

“If you want to get the scholarship then you must work hard on it. Full of achievements and well-adjusted behavior will also be put into consideration,” he answered. There are many kinds of scholarship offered by UMM, such as Sibling Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, and also the Invitation Procedure. “Here at UMM, students who compose article or any other kinds of writing and then being published in any newspaper will get their own rewards. All achievements will be appreciated. All violations of rules will be penalized,” he added.

Before the rector administering further briefs, the Vice Rector III Dr. Diah Karmiyati, P.Si announced ten freshmen who get the highest score from the admission test. The first place is filled by Ananda Ari W from Medical Faculty, on the second place is Ramadhan Pujo Priono from Psychology Faculty, and on the third place is Aldo Putra from Engineering Faculty. “All the ten students deserve 500 thousand rupiahs as monthly scholarship which will be rewarded per three months, starting from the upcoming September,” she announced.

“See, there is scholarship provided before enrolling UMM. Once you enroll and contribute, you will get more of it,” Muhadjir explained. According to him, the gathering is some kind of appreciation upon the admission test participants who are finally accepted to enroll at UMM. It is also a contributory way in persuading parents to escort their children to UMM. “We do not expect to have parents who have no idea of where their children studying at. This event was intended to be held in order to provide parents chance to get as much information as they need about UMM,” he said.

Among approximately nine thousands of entrants on the first round, only 3056 passed, and 2016 decided to re-register. “For those who do not re-register, if they wish to enroll, they should take the written text on the second or third round,” said the Head of UMM Public Relation Nasrullah, M.Si. The registration of the second-round written test has been opened since 15 May 2015 until 8 August 2015. The test will be administered at August 10. Meanwhile, the third round will be opened starting from 14 up to 29 August 2015. (zul/han/t_far)



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