Onky Cucuk Salencer, Team Captain of UMM FC who Win the Torabika Cup

Author : Humas | Tuesday, November 14, 2017 15:44 WIB

Start from a spirit to improve the ability to play football, Onky Cucuk Salencer decided to move to Malang. The first experience when came to Malang he experienced while representing Blitar city football. It became the special experience for this Aquatic Aquaculture student of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

Cucuk believed by continuing education in Malang it would greatly helped him to improve his ability in playing footbal. "After representing the city of Blitar and and met many players in Malang, I feel that if I am in Malang I can become a professional player due to many football clubs in Malang," Cucuk said.

After  becoming a new student at Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) Faculty of UMM, Cucuk immediately decided to continue his football career by joining UMM FC student activities unit due to a motivation from senior who was also the alumny of UMM.

First time he played with UMM FC, he was not a major player. However, it motivated him to keep improving his skills to play football.

"I accept and know only to be a substitute player because it was maba (new student) and I realized  that Malang football was hard. It's good also to forge my self-endurance as a player, "said this young man who was born in Blitar.

In the second match at the Internal League of Malang City, Cucuk got a chance to go directly on the field even though he started it from the bench.

"It is very impressive for me because this is my first time I can play in Internal League of Malang City, even to replace my senior,"  Cucuk said.

Being the substitute player was not something that shrinked Cucuk's heart. In this match Cucuk managed to become the first goalscorer and it became an interesting achievement for him.

However, the obstacles did not stop there. The following year, he could not play because it only be followed by students who has Malang citizen card. Finally he tried another fortune, after many times following the selection in Persema finally he was declared as a  player  of Persema in early 2017.

After some obstacles he felt, now he feels his career in football better and fun. When appointed as Captain of the Torabika Campus Cup (TCC) League he felt increasingly excited and continued to improve his skills.

"There is a sense of shame toward senior but they actually give me spirit and motivation," he explained. (Naz)



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