Nuance of Nationality in UMM Pesmaba

Author : Humas | Monday, September 04, 2017 13:44 WIB


GARUDA: UMM new students shape Garuda (Indonesia National Symbol) formation during the Pesmaba Ceremony opening  at UMM Helipad on Monday, September 4. (Photo by Rino Anugrawan)

DURING three days, Monday to Thursday, September 4-7 , as many as 7609 new students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) follow New Student Study Introduction (Pesmaba). There are  78 foreign students from 16 countries, namely Afghanistan, China, India, Japan, Germany, Cambodia, South Korea, Laos, Libya, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Pesmaba was opened with a ceremony at Heliped UMM , September 4, which was  so strong with nationalism nuance. That Nuance was show through flashmob of red and white with Garuda fomation,  "UMM for Indonesia" and "Jas Merah Kampus Putih" writing, and  Indonesia’s Islands  formation.

UMM Rector UMM Fauzan called this nuance in line with the 2017 Pesmaba theme "Affirm the Nationality Character for progressive Indonesia and Dignity". By this theme, the Rector hoped, maba  (new student) not only for knowing UMM physically, but internalizing the feeling of mental and ideology with UMM.

The selection of flashmobs with national-nuance in line with the UMM tagline "Jas Merah Kampus Putih/Red Jacket, White Campus". This tagline was not only mean literally due to the students wearing a red jacket and UMM covered with white color, but also related to the acronym that had been introduced by the first president of Indonesia Soekarno about "Jas Merah"  which mean never leave history. While the white campus mean  trustful, optimistic and enlightening.

With that nuance, the Rector hoped UMM students to be ready to become the best young generation and the future national leader. "Nowadays, you just as  a student of UMM. But in the future, you will be the leader in this country," Fauzan said.

That caracter was increased by presence  Danrem 083 / Baladikajaya Colonel Inf Bangun Nawoko as ceremony inspector and Director General of Defense Potential (Dirjen Pothan) Ministry of Defense of the Republic  Indonesia Dr. Sutrimo who gave a public lecture before Pesmaba procession in each faculty.

In addition to the red-and-white of  flashmob at helipad, the nationalism atmosphere was again felt during  the students filled the UMM Dome hall after the opening ceremony. The Students who were sitting in the dome middle were requested to form a red-and-white formation, while who  were sitting  in the tribun were asked to shape "We Love UMM".

In his speech, Fauzan also encouraged the students to continue the achievements that  previously  had been achieved  by UMM students . Fauzan said  last week UMM just received  Indonesian Achievement Icon Appreciation on the 2017 Indonesia Festival Achievement event due to UMM robot team won international robot contest in Connecticut, United States. (Naz)



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