Watching Jejak 2 Ulama Film Together, Momentum to Uphold Muhammadiyah and NU's Equations

Author : Humas | Monday, February 24, 2020 14:47 WIB
The warm atmosphere drive-in movie at Heliped. (Foto: Bella/PR)

“Jejak 2 Langkah Ulama” film directed by Sigit Ariansyah was roled in the agenda of Watching Cinema Together Around University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) coorporated with Student Executive Board (BEM) at Hellypad (22/2). This film lifted the story of the journey of two founding figures of the largest religious organizations in Indonesia (Muhammadiyah and NU), KH Ahmad Dahlan and KH Hasyim Asy’ari.

 According to the Student President, Abdul Aziz Pranatha, the initiative to hold the film nobar was as a means of nostalgia in the past few years, where people often held entertainment in the villages, one of which was a drive-in movie. "We live in Malang, we never return home, so we can reminisce to feel the warmth of the night by watching this  drive-in movie," said Aziz.

Besides that, Aziz explained that the film that aired this time had value for public to take. In addition to the two figures in this film were very inspiring figures for Muslims, of course continued Aziz, in this film there was a symbol that was poured.

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"The two ulama leaders have struggled in the past. KH Hasyim Ash'ari with the jihad revolution that is delivered and passed down to his students. Then character education by KH Ahmad Dahlan is taught to his students, "continuedAziz.

How in this film showedthe two close friends stepped up the path of the struggle to face the challenge of preaching in different places and conditions. This film also contained the togetherness between two figures deepening the science of religion to the same professor.

Alif, one of the viewers expressed his appreciation for the film. According to him, the film returned the historical story of 2 Islamic organizations which actually always coexisted. Although according to him, they had differences in preaching but had many similarities.

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"People always talk about the difference between NU and Muhammadiyah, the most important thing we should uphold is the similarity," said Alif.

The film itself was known to be a collaborative work between the Muhammadiyah Arts and Sports Institute (LSBO) and the Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School, Jombang. (win)



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