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Author : Humas | Saturday, February 21, 2015 14:24 WIB

Motivator: Miftah Faridl journalist Harian Surya Newspaper gave motivation to campus press and workshop participant thyat was held by Campus Newspaper Bestari at Hall of UMM mosque 2nd floor. (21/2) 

Student press in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) became attention for Campus Newspaper Bestari and Harian Surya to motivate all journalists in this campus, Saturday (21/2), it was held authorship workshop themed “Ngobrol Asyik Bareng Jurnalis, Semua Bisa Jadi Penulis Hebat”.

The event that was held at Hall of AR Fakhrudin Mosque UMM 2nd floor invited journalist special report of Harian Surya newspaper, Miftah Faridl. Vice Rector III Dr Diah Karmiyati Psi in her speech appreciated this activity.

“This is the event for you to develop your talent and spirit in writing, to train and improve creativity,” she said.

She said, to develop writing skill must have a strong imagination power, wide and cannot to be tamed. Everything must be pure from yourself and mind. 

Same with Diah, Faridl said in our whole live always related to writing. “All people can write, but people who can develop their writing is a person who are often read,” said Faridl. 

In this event, Faridl also told about his experience during to be a journalist. “When some people met governor so incredible, for journalist it’s so usual,” he said. 

Faridl also didn’t forget to give tips to write correctly as a journalist. Faridl emphasized in writing news should be appropriate with the fact.  

“If we write should be appropriate with the fact, if not can be worse. Don’t write anything that not appropriate with the fact. Anyway write what you get,” he said. (sel/zul/han/t_zuh)





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