KaCa Car UMM Conducted Ngabu Bookread with Novelis Luluk HF

Author : Humas | Saturday, June 02, 2018 12:07 WIB
Remember EL movie that viewed from April to early May? Well, this time KaCa Car (Thursday Reading) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) invited the author of EL novel to "Ngabu bookread" together.
Ngabu Bookread is one of Ramadhan special literacy activities from KaCa Car UMM which facilitates the visitors from various circles to read casually while waiting for breakfasting.
Located in front of Taman Krida Budaya Jl. Soekarno Hatta Malang City, KaCa Car started on Thursday (31/5) at 15.30 WIB.
Together with Novel EL writer, Luluk HF, the event was fun and exciting. Visitors only read books but also got knowledge about how to write books directly from Luluk HF. The writer who is also a student of Faculty of Economics Business UMM shared many experience and tips to write stories to the visitors.
On this occasion, most visitors were students of Junior High School (SMP). They are Luluk's admirers and Luluk's novels in Wattpad like Firi and Cindy. These SMPN 3 Malang students were going to Taman Krida after school to meet their favorite writer.
"I like to read her writings, Kak Luluk because the plot is not easy to guess," said Firi, a student who is still in class 1 junior high.
Besides Firi and Cindy, there were also Yuandani 2nd grade students of SMP Wahid Hasyim who from the beginning came to sit and read a book on the bench provided by KaCa car UMM. Yuandani came to read book while waiting her mother selling takjil by the roadside of Taman Krida.
Through the spirit of literacy, Luluk advised visitors to continue to hone writing skills while still young. For her, writing is not a difficult case if often sharpened. A lot of practice writing and also often read are two things she emphasized to visitors.
"If you want to write but first you have to read, because how height our imagination will be hard to start if never read," she concluded. (ard)


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