Remembering the History of UMM While Fishing and Uklam Santuy

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 03, 2019 09:01 WIB
Vice Rector II Dr. Nazarudin Malik handed a gift to one of the media crew. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

The event of the 55th Anniversary of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was increasingly magnificent. After organizing the Golf Tournament in October, this time was held fishing and Green Walking or Healthy Walks (Uklam Santuy), Sunday (1/12). Uniquely, the two events were made as special moments to show UMM history from time to time. Including various achievements, gait, and contributions of the campus known as the White Campus to advance the people and the Nation.

The fishing agenda was held at the lake in front of the UMM GKB III Building. When the event took place, the pool side was filled with residents around UMM Campus III, UMM academic community, and media crew. They competed with each other to get for various attractive prizes. It included organizing Uklam Santuy or a Green Walking or Healthy Walks that was followed by thousands of participants. Participants were invited to unusual routes, namely to routes that were rarely passed by the UMM academic community.

As the coordinator of the event Uklam Santuy, Jamroji, S. Sos., M.Comms, explained that the series of events at the same time wanted to take advantage of the facilities and infrastructure UMM had. "It's like a walking route that passes through the Wildlife Cave of Sengkaling Recreation UMM and fishing in the lake in front of GKB I," explained Jamroji.

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Uklam Santuy was started in front of GKB IV Campus III UMM at 06.00 WIB, opened by Dr. H. Fauzan as the Rector of UMM. Interestingly, the participants were required to bring their own tumblers to reduce plastic waste. This action was also to campaign for plastic waste diet. Eating breakfast was also wrapped in banana leaves, so that there was no plastic wrap.

Also provided coupons to draw prizes in the form of household furniture, a savings account containing a certain nominal, a coupon to stay at the Ship Garden Hotel UMM, to the end was an automatic motorcycle.

"Amazing, this event I think is more aimed at togetherness. Aside from the program being relaxed, it doesn't make you think much. We can also celebrate while sports. In line with its tagline, from Muhammadiyah for the Nation, hopefully UMM will continue to educate the nation's life, "said Ermanu Azizul Hakim, one of the participants of Uklam Santuy when met on the side-lines of the event.

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In addition to strengthening brotherhood as well as friendship among the UMM academic community and residents around campus III UMM, the event was filled with prayers representing all families in the White Campus environment. "Hopefully, we can still share knowledge that is blessing, always istiqomah, and continue to advance for mutual benefit," added Musaffak S.Pd, one of the participants in the Uklam Santuy activity.

Not only that, the event Milad would also be continued with other activities. Among them were masterpiece contests, business plan contests, video creative works contests, Student Creativity Program creative contests (PKM), contests write letters to the Rector and many others. The climax, the procession would be closed with the agenda of the UMM Award and Music Orchestra reception night. (win)



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