Muhammadiyah Holds Nationality Speech about Romance of Diversity

Author : Humas | Sunday, August 12, 2018 15:00 WIB
UMM Rector, Chairman of PP Muhmamadiyah, Minister of Education and Culture and interfaith leaders took a picture together at the National Speech, at UMM Dome Sunday (12/8)

The romanticism of nationality was felt on Hall UMM Dome, Sunday (12/8). Today, various religious leaders gathered at the National Speech event themed Strengthening National Values ​​that Progress in Welcoming Gold Indonesian in order to welcome the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary. This event was also presented by Minister of Education and Culture, General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Leader, Naudlatul Ulama figure, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian, Believers, and Christian religious leaders.

Giving a speech at the beginning, UMM Rector, Fauzan, said that the spirit of the meaning of independence for this nation had been carried out so long before Indonesia was independent. He was Kyai H. Ahmad Dahlan, the founder of Muhammadiyah organization.

"He had chosen education and health as a real charity that aims to educate Indonesian people to live independently," he explained.

Having the opportunity to give a short speech at the beginning, the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Muhadjir Effendy, expressed his appreciation for this event as a space to unite the views on how to live in a nation with diversity.

"Let Muhammadiyah pioneering the tradition of national diversity by filling in independence," Muhadjir said.

Continuing Muhadjir, Konghucu religious leader, Bunsu Anton Triyono also expressed his appreciation for this event. He also emphasized that diversity is important to be fostered. He also said, Confucianism is the fewest followers whivh only 3% in Indonesia. However, its presence has been recognized in Indonesia.

"I am very grateful to the fourth president, Gusdur who has returned our identity as a recognized Indonesian citizen," he said respectfully.

The Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Haedar Nasir, conveyed the same enthusiasm that political elites should be owned by this country. The leaders of the state, executive, judiciary and various other state institutions must live and make religion as a mindset and an integrated pattern of words and actions.

"Indonesia cannot be a standard force if the actions of its representatives are far and do not practice religious values," he added.

Haedar added, although religious leaders and people are often voicing ukhuwah, harmony, unity, brotherhood, peace, tolerance and noble values ​​of religion in social rituals, but it is not easily enforced in political life, economics and nation state.

"When entering into the politics and power with each other, it can be mutually poignant, vicious and greedy. At this time, religion and God moved away from their characters and from their people," Haedar added.

He also said, in the context of national life, Muhammadiyah invites all to make religion more than just a ritual and symbolic attribute. On contrast, making religion as a teaching that enlightens people takes out of all backwardness, ignorance and pretense.

"We uphold the values ​​of social rituals as an adhesive in our community, but at the same time we also need this nation to move forward with progressive and progressive dynamic," he explained.

At the end, Haedar emphasized that the state and government must be truly sovereign including from the political hegemony of the oligarchy. Indonesia must be owned by all. It doesn not belong to a handful of certain people or groups like what was instructed by the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno.

"We set up a country all for all. Not for one person, not for one group, but for all of them," he concluded. (ard)



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