MoU with BNSP, White Campus Perfected UMM Pasti Program

Author : Humas | Monday, May 14, 2018 10:37 WIB
Welcoming the development of the increasingly diverse career world of students in the millennial era, Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Fauzan, launched the program UMM Pasti, namely must Pass 4 Years, must Work and must be independent. Through this program, Fauzan is sure that UMM graduates will be able to compete in the outside world even before completing their studies.
"I am sure if UMM PASTI can be run well, there will be no UMM students who do not work after graduating from here," said Fauzan.
To strengthen UMM's movement in supporting UMM Pasti program, Profession Certification Institution (LSP) signed a joint understanding with Chairman of National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP), Ir Sumarna F Abdurahman, M.Sc. Located  at UMM Theater Dome, the event was attended by head of bureau, head of study program, campus structural official and student.
Fauzan mentioned that, the presence of LSP UMM is to provide facilities in order to strengthen the movement of UMM steps to deliver students to graduate from UMM must work.
"And the signing of this understanding is one way to make this happen," he said.
Head of BNSP, Ir Sumarna F Abdurahman, M.Sc said the competency certification itself is basically the core program conducted by BNSP. This certification is a process of giving, as a control recognition that is done systematically and objectively through a competency test that refers to the standard of Indonesian national competence.
BNSP in the process of conducting this test, licensed several types of LSP with reference to ISO / IEC 17024: 2012 (2003). LSP UMM itself belongs to LSP 1 category, LSP organized by company / organization and educational institution.
This certification will make someone to get the recognition of competence that can be used to improve career ladder, both in the national and international sphere.
"I am very optimistic that UMM in the future will be able to run in accordance with the philosophy of the Sun, which is to provide lighting in the midst of darkness, especially in the field of manpower," said Ir Sumarna.
In addition, a longer step is also taken by UMM in succeeding UMM Program Pasti that is providing lecturers with Special Skills for Career Development and Student Entrepreneurship. The maturation of this strategy is done by holding Training for Trainer of Career Lecturer and Entrepreneurship of UMM.
UMM Rector Fauzan said, to build entrepreneurial spirit is a new history for UMM to face millenial era. Fauzan therefore advised the representative lecturers from all study programs to integrate the development of the latest issues in teaching and learning activities.
"Changes in mindset in teaching should be implemented to improve the quality of student learning outcomes," he said.
Meanwhile, Vice Rector I Syamsul Arifin added, UMM is currently in an ideal position to develop a futuristic learning model as an effort to form a high quality graduate profile. This can be done by establishing an entrepreneurial spirit.
"Currently, the development of UMM requires us to form a profile of qualified graduates," said Syamsul.
Adding Syamsul, Vice Rector II Nazaruddin Malik said that the step being intensified by UMM is an effort to build a social environment that can shape the entrepreneurial spirit for all academic community.
"UMM is currently trying to build a social environment that provides space for expression for all elements of the university," said Nazaruddin.
In addition to equip the lecturers, will be opened Special Class Career and Entrepreneurship for final semester students who completed and completed in several meetings. Hopefully, the various innovations made by all UMM students are ready to be independent when graduated later.


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