Smart Car UMM Entertains Exhibition Semarak Hadiknas Malang Visitors

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 26, 2018 16:52 WIB
The presence of Smart Car University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was not only loved in school, but in the exhibition arena which was in the campus page of PPPTK BOE / VEDC Malang. The car which also popular with the title of KaCa Car (Thursday Reading) was greeting visitors on Semarak Hardiknas exhibition which was open Monday by the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, M.AP.
 VEDC as the organizer of the exhibition which cooperated with seven UPT Kemdikbud, Malang City Office and Dindik East Java Province was followed by dozens of participants from UPT association under Kemdikbud, Lembaga Pembinaan Bahasa, Darmasiswa Malang Program, Malang City Government Department and some polytechnic.
As its functions, UMM KaCa Car greets visitors by providing the best books that are interesting to read. Furthermore, this smart car brings acoustic music brought by Jasmine, foreign students from Vietnam from the Indonesian institution for Foreign Speakers / BIPA UMM.
With guitar accompaniment from Danang, staff of BIPA UMM, Jasmine casually greeted the visitors with fluent Indonesian language and occasionally interrupted with Vietnamese. Suddenly, soft voice nan squeaky make visitors who are busy reading and walking diarena exhibition amazed watching the strains of the national anthem sung. Apparently, the songs sung Le Thi Nhu Lai, Jasmin's real name, is a national anthem that we as citizens of Indonesia hampr forget it like the Land of Indonesia, Indonesia Jaya and others.
"Wahh ... Vietnamese people look like people here. Fluent. His accent is like a Javanese and melodious once his voice," said Rika, a student of SMP Negeri in Malang City ..
Santi, a student of SMP Negeri 16 Kota Malang expressed her pleasure to read encyclopedia of Science book which brought by UMM smart car. "This book is rarely sold publicly in regular bookstores. I am grateful. I can find it here though not to be brought home. So I have to explore the contents here. Thank you Smart car UMM whichhas provided interest and quality books ", said this sweet girl with a typical smile.
KaCa Car that has the concept of Kancane was not only fixated with the meaning of elongation but also other innovations that can entertain, excite and literacy among people. As well as acoustic music entertainment brought by vocalists from abroad and creative innovation in order to promote and educate the nation. Like Indonesia Pusaka, Flag, Tanah Air are a national songs that we should be more strongly learned because in the lyric always gives the spirit of nationality and loves as part of the citizens of Indonesia.
"Hopefully, the presence of UMM smart car can make us aware of the importance of literacy in order to participate in educating the nation's generation", said Ridlo Setyono, Coordinator of Smart Car Operations of UMM. Hopefully, Smart Cars will be more colorful and provide many benefits for the general public that makes cultural awareness of literacy which is one of the key to nation progress.


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