KaCa Car UMM Implemented Fun Methods for Learning Arabic

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 12, 2019 16:19 WIB
Photo session with MTsN students Sunan Bonang Ngabab Village, Pujon sub-district, Malang Regency. (Photo: Ridlo / PR)

Arabic became a foreign language subject which was quite popular in Indonesia. This material was taught in several schools based on religion or institutions which was based Islamic. One of them was at MTsN. Sunan Bonang in Ngabab Village, Pujon-Malang District. Unfortunately for some people, Arabic was difficult to learn.

Together with the car Kamis Membaca (KaCa) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) which was collaborated with students of Practicum II Social Welfare Department provided innovative learning methods to improve creativity and the ability to understand Arabic through the picture card method.

The picture card was taught by Dewi Nur Diana, student of the UMM Faculty of Islamic Education (FAI) UMM by displaying the picture on the card so students could actively guess and memorize Arabic vocabulary in each style exhibited by the instructor.

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Students from grade 7-8 MTsN Sunan Bonang were very enthusiastic because so far, they had never had this method in their school lessons. It was true from the activities of Basic Journalism to Arabic besides they would win a prize if the group was rated as the most active group.

Dania Putri Arifiana and Armi Apriliantika K. as the person in charge of the activities explained that there was a lack of interest in reading and tended to be individualistic in social interaction. The presence of the KaCa car at their school invited enthusiastic students to read and learn other students.

one of the MTsN Sunan Bonang students while studying Arabic with card media (Photo: Ridlo / PR)

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With the arrival of the KaCa Car from the UMM Public Relations team, the enthusiasm of reading books and studying together with other friends from MTsN Sunan Bonang increased. "It was true from the 20 students who were invited, there were 40 students who attended and participated," Dania said when met on the sidelines of the activity, Thursday (12/9) morning.

Besides learning the basic concepts of Journalism guided by Yasmin, UMM Communication Department students were training in making news. Yasmin taught how to make titles, make effective sentences, and connect between paragraphs so that the writing was coherent and interesting to the reader.

Under the guidance of lecturer Zaenal Abidin S. Sos., M.Si, Practicum II group of Social Welfare Department also had an excellent program while serving in Ngabab Village, which was a form of branding reinforcement that was attempted by a number of communities in this village as Tourism and Education Villages. (win)



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