UMM KaCA Car Held a Disaster Mitigation Socialization on Semeru Slope

Author : Humas | Saturday, August 03, 2019 10:14 WIB


Cheer after the disaster mitigation socialization. (Photo: Zaki/PR UMM)

The number of victims affected by natural disasters in Indonesia, especially Java, encouraged the KaCa Car Team of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) tohold disaster mitigation. The inclusive literacy medium concept of the Smart Carcame into the middle of elementary and junior high school students in Bambang's village, Wajak sub-district, Malang Regency, Thursday (1/8) to provide disaster education.

The presence of UMM KaCa Car in the middle of the students on the Semeru slope was initiated by UMM Community Service (KKN) group 18. One of the reasons forchoosing this location is because it is known as earthquakes and landslides often affected the area. “Considering the location of Bambang Village, Wajak Subdistrict, it is on the slopes of Mount Semeru,”said Fani Wahyu Pamungkas, coordinator of KKN 18 UMM village.

The disaster mitigation material was delivered by Liyana Nurul Azmi from the Disaster Alert Volunteer Student (Maharesigana) of UMM who was directly affiliated with the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) organization. In this disaster mitigation material, students are taught how to save themselves ina disaster such as an earthquake, landslide, flood, and Tsunami.

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The material is delivered in a unique and encouraging way so students can receive the delivered material maximally. The method is through singing and playing games that relate to alertness when a disaster occurs. In fact, there was also a simulation done by the students so they can directly apply the material taught through various methods.

In addition to disaster mitigation materials, there are also several classes writing children's stories delivered by Achmad Sulchan An Nauri. In this material, the students are divided into groups. Each student must make one sentence that is interrelated so as to create a coherent set of sentences. The students seemed enthusiastic about retelling the stories they composed.

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"The students in this village have been enthusiastic about learning from the beginning. This can be seen when we carry out teaching programs in several schools and also tutoring at student accommodation posts. But it is unfortunate, the lack of educators in this village has hamperedtheir learning progress,” said Fani, a student of the Industrial Engineering Study Program.

One student from SDN 2 Bambang also expressed his joy at the presence of this kacacar. Especially about disaster material. "I am very happy with the presence ofthesmart car. I can read books and get so much knowledge about how to save myself from disasters,” said Muhammad Hanafi while readingWarkopDKI Reborncomic. (joh)



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