KaCa UMM Car Visited Lapas, WBP Until Requests Postponement of Book Returns

Author : Humas | Friday, February 15, 2019 19:02 WIB
WBP's enthusiasm read the book collection of the UMM KaCa Car. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

The turn of Class II-A Sukun Correctional Institution (Lapas) for Women, Malang City became the target of Mobil Kamis Membaca (KaCa) literacy activities at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Thursday (15/2). This activity was held through the collaboration of student practicum in the UMM Social Welfare Department.

The presence of the UMM KaCa Car was the main attraction for Prisoners. As one WBP said, Yeni Puji Lestari. "Half of the inmates here love to read. Aside from being a filler of emptiness, it is also a source of information. Maybe it can be held frequently, "he said.

The availability of books in the prison library which was limited, makes residents feel bored. Moreover, the available books were old publications and obsolete. The arrival of the KaCa car in this prison, said Yeni, was enough to treat the waiting for the WBP in new books. Also, update every development in the outside world.

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One of the UMM students taught dance to the WBP. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

"Seeing their enthusiasm for reading the material and also their complaints that only has limited time to read, we lend books for them to read in a few days. The agreement, when returned, is obliged to review the results of the reading, "said Ridlo Setyono, S.Pd. as the coordinator of the UMM KaCa Car.

There were around 456 collections of books consisting of novels, religious books, encyclopaedias and others. The back of the car was also equipped with LED monitors that can display educational films. Not only reading and watching activities, but this smart car also taught dance, also introduced traditional games.

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In the future, the target of the UMM KaCa Car was not only visiting schools and special places. So that literacy activities can be felt to benefit all levels, including in the Malang region, also Indonesia in general. It was possible that the UMM KaCa Car will visit the affected area.

"We are happy because we got a visit from the UMM KaCa Car. Hopefully, the future will be scheduled again. So that our inmates can take turns to benefit from the UMM KaCa Car," said Hamlana Riska Achmad Efendi as the Lapas Personality Development Manager with a capacity of 600 residents. (Win)



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