KaCa Car UMM in Collaboration with Teaching Gangster in Jabung Encouraging Literacy

Author : Humas | Friday, December 27, 2019 09:42 WIB
UMM Students cheer up the students with jargon. (Photo: Winarno/PR UMM)

The inclusive education that about to be presented by the Thursday Reading Car (KaCa) University of MuhammadiyahMalang (UMM) did not seem to be a mere figment. Various groups that are fairly exclusive are also not left behind embraced in the action to activate this literacy. This time, Thursday (12/26) UMC KaCa Car went to Jabung, Malang.

By cooperating with the literacy activist group, the Republic Gubuk of the ex-gangster (Teaching Gangster), to spread literacy activities. The stereotype of former thugs in the community is still negative, through the Republic Gubuk movement, the former (villages) "gangster" want to re-benefit the community through their contribution in education.

"With the KaCa car program in cooperation with the Republic Gubuk, we want to present the literacy movement in Jabung District, especially for children here starting to be vulnerable to kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school or senior high school / MA / SMK," said Fachrul Alamsyah as President of the Republic Gubuk.

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The reason for the gangster promoting literacy is because they want to make amends of their past through the simple way of sharing knowledge. "Kyai who guided us said, alms knowledge is light alms and often forgotten," said Dony Windiarto who is one of the activists on the Trail Hut.

Even when this group was just established, it was even mistaken for a group of kidnappers, Koplo pill sellers, etc. This negative image may arise from people's judgment on the activist's old appearance or behavior. "In addition, we also teach a number of skills such as arts, culture, sports, religion, environment, and others," said Fachrul recounting his ups and downs.

Besides promoting traditional literacy through book reading activities, KaCa Car UMM also taught various other skills. For example, about growing levels of confidence in elementary school children. This material was presented by Syahrin Rachmayania Pertiwi who is a student of the Faculty of Psychology.

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In addition to teaching self-confidence, Rahmat Iskandar Rizki, a student of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department who is also part of the KaCa Car Team of UMM, encourages children through outbound activities. Race Ballis one of the games that teach the value of cooperation.

This collaborative program will be continued in several care centers of the Republic Gubuk. "For this Gubuk Traill, we also started to move in talent education.There is land for the BMX circuit and hopefully, in the future, there will be students who can become BMX bicycle athletes," said Dony Windiarto, one of the instructors for the Gubuk athlete Trail.

Now, the Republic Gubuk has 22 hutsof various themes aroundthe Jabung District. Each of these huts taught a different kind of skills. Such as Anak Alam Reading Hut, Pentongan Mindi Reading Hut, Texas Village Reading Hut, Panji Hut, Treteg Village Hut, Sufi Hut and others. (joh)



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