UMM KaCa Car Excited Children Affected by Kelud Disaster

Author : Humas | Saturday, March 02, 2019 09:09 WIB
The enthusiasm of the students read the book collection of the KaCa Cars. (Photo: Ridho / PR)

For the second time, the Car of Kamis Membaca (KaCa) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) visited elementary school students (SD) affected by the volcanic eruption disaster. This time the UMM KaCa Car visited the victims of the Mount Kelud eruption in the Pandansari area, Ngantang, Malang Regency, Thursday (1/3).

It was in Private Elementary School Pandansari 03 which is located a little apart from the first visit of the KaCa Car at Private Elementary School 01 Pandansari (28/2). Even though the alternative terrain was winding, the KaCa car arrived at the location with the excitement of hundreds of elementary school students on the banks of the Selorejo Reservoir, Ngantang.

Collaborating with the Student Executive Board (BEM) and the UMM Psychology Laboratory Team, the KaCa Car held various activities including introducing traditional games of the East Nusa Tenggara Alu Horn, Rubber Relay competition, English for Young Learners (EYL) teaching, and assessment tests for class students 6.

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The students were busy playing Alu Rangku. (Photo: Ridho / PR)

The excitement emanated from the students while participating in various activities held by the KaCa Car. As said Rosaline, a 2nd-grade student expressed her joy when attending the EYL class. "Learning while singing, colouring, drawing and discussing with friendly and kind teachers," she said.

Meanwhile, the UMM Psychology Laboratory team presented an assessment test for 6th-grade students who will face the National Examination. According to Hanif, one of the lecturers of the psychology lab said, this test functioned to know the psychological conditions of students, so they can analyse their readiness before taking the national exam.

"The school must have provided a lot of material for the exam. We strive to provide psychological provisions for them to be truly prepared. Not only in preparation for working on test material, but also for mental strengthening of students during the national exam later, "Hanif said on the sidelines of the assessment test.

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Istiqomah, M.Sc., one of the Psychometric lecturers who accompanied during the assessment test said, this test was useful for teachers who wanted to know the psychological condition of their students in the face of the exam. She said, almost all students were traumatized by the impact of the disaster of the Mount Kelud eruption in the past.

"Before the test, we motivate them before facing the national exam. This test is the first step that is given to students with questions with the option answer agree or not. It is Very easy to be understood by students. Next month we will return to school to explain the results of the analysis, "she said.

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The Headmaster of Private Elementary School Pandansari 03 Samidi said that he felt very happy because the KaCa Car was present with a variety of innovative and inspirational activities to enrich the activities of students in their school. The presence of the UMM KaCa Car, he admitted, provided new knowledge and experience to students.

"Thank you UMM which have innovated and inspired students and schools to improve the quality of education," Samidi said happily. Kaca Car was one of the concrete manifestations of UMM service to educate the nation's children through reading and writing and to preserve culture happily. (Win)



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