KaCa Car UMM in PSPA Bima Sakti: Held an Outbound, Journalistic and Photography Classes

Author : Humas | Friday, July 12, 2019 13:30 WIB
The students reading happily next to KaCa Car. (Photo: Ridlo/PR UMM)

Happy face bloomed in Bima Sakti Children's Refuge Social Home, Batu, Thursday (12/7) morning. The reason is Kamis Membaca (KaCa) Car University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) visits them by holding various fun activities. Such as Photography, Journalistic, reading together classes, and also outdoor activity like Outbound.

In the Photography class for example, not just basic materials about Photography, the students were also invited to practice directly by capturing a picture. The material was delivered by M. Zaky Agung the photographer of UMM Public Relation and Protocol. “They were very enthusiast when they were allowed to use the camera. One took a picture of their friend and one took a picture of interesting objects around them,” said Zaky.

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The excitement did not end there. Besides photography, there was also another learning activity such as journalistic material that delivered by students specialization in Journalistic Department of Communication Science UMM, Yasmin Azatil Isma. In addition, outbound activities guided by master of training Personality and Leadership Formation Program (P2KK) UMM, Luthfi Badhilah make perfect happiness on that day.

PSPA Bima Sakti is a Social Institution under the auspices of East Java Provincial Social Service. This institution was specifically for Elementary Students from throughout East Java with problems in Psychosocial such as naughty, moody, lack of confidence, decreased performance and others. Every month, PSPA Bima Sakti receive hundreds of students from different cities and districts in East Java.

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Muhammad Laziq Fahri Al-Fayat one of the students from Bondowoso said that he is happy to be there in PSPA, especially because of the presence of UMM KaCa Car Team. It is because of their new experiences that they cannot find in the school. “Many friends, many experiences, but sometimes I miss my friends in school and my parents,” he said innocently.

Endang Kastuti, Social Worker at PSPA Batu said that the social workers were specifically helped to deal with the children with various problems. In addition, they casuistically guided the children one by one. “Usually, we give them practices of independence trough team activities. The presence of UMM KaCa Car presents different colors in their daily activities,” she said after the activities.

The presence of UMM KaCa Car has specially attracted the students from PSPA Bima Sakti. Set of book collections from encyclopedias, comics, novels until textbook and general knowledge were available. The children were enthusiastic in reading and sharing their new knowledge to their friends. In the future, KaCa Car will be going to other special destinations, such as orphanage and remote places. (joh)



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