UMM KaCa Car Share Smiles With Tens of YPAC Children This Ramadhan

Author : Humas | Saturday, May 18, 2019 16:31 WIB
Foreign students share their story to the YPAC children (Photo: Rino/Humas)

This Ramadhan, Reading Thursday Car (KaCa) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) shared joy once again. It was the time for Malang Disabled Child Development Foundation (YPAC) children to have the opportunity to learn and play together with the KaCa Car on Friday (5/17).

In a collaboration with Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) UMM, YPAC children were invited to play and study with several foreign students.Some of these foreign students were from Cambodia, Korea, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

In this event, there are also some entertainingactivities such as reading books, watching educational film, playing and singing, untilbreakingthefasttogether. Not just that, there wasa special appearance, which is a storytelling showby Indah Rahayuning Tyas, a student of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Department.

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According to one of the International students, Theng Chan Boramey said that he was happy because he can share with others who are not as lucky as them. “I’m very happy with this kind of event because we can share happiness with them,” said the Cambodian student.

One of YPAC's caregivers, Edi Siswanto said, he was very happy with the presence of KaCa Car."I was very happy because I could see the children cheerful and enthusiastic faces just like now.I also hope that this event will be more frequent, to keep on sharing happiness with the children here," he said.

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UMM Public Relations Secretary Mohamad Isnaini said, in addition to sharing happiness, this event also provided an experience for the foreign students to interact with the children at YPAC.The event was closed by breaking the fast together and also singing along with everyone at YPAC.

"This eventwasalso introduced new experiences to the foreign students to share happiness with diffablechildren at YPAC. Because in their country, on average, a place like this is very closed. It's different from what is in Indonesia,"said Isnaini. (joh)



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