KaCa Car UMM Invites Children to Recognize Traditional Games

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 19, 2018 16:33 WIB


Junior high school of Gracia Nusantara School students enthusiastically play "Rangku Alu" traditional game from NTT region
To not stop providing fresh air for the routine world of education, Mobil Pintar University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), KaCa Car (Thursday Reading), visited the Gracia Nusantara School in Malang. Completing the concept of learning outside the classroom, KaCa Car UMM received warm welcome when introducing traditional games to students Gracia Nusantara School.
Principal of Junior High School of Gracia Nusantara School, Reza Kurnia Sakti S.Si, M.Pd. expressed his appreciation to see the students learn a lot of things in the traditional game of Rangku Alu brought by KaCa Car UMM.
Rangku alu is a game that comes from Manggarai people, East Nusa Tenggara. The game was originally done by local people to celebrate the harvest of plantations and agriculture. Taken by UMM as one of Kaca Car programs "Come Dolanan", a game which uses four bamboo stick with length two meter and eight participants are expected to foster a love of children to the traditional game.
"They are all happy, so do we, because the traditional game was full of cooperation, patience and exciting," said Reza.
In addition to teaching many positive values ​​through traditional games, Reza also expressed his appreciation for some other experiences brought by KaCa UMM. According to him, there were different experiences students got with the presence of KaCa Car at Gracia Nusantara School.
 "Students are excited because they may be saturated with indoor learning so they like the same outdoorlearning as this," he added.
One of eighth graders, Eka, admits that she enjoys learning about Rangku Alu games. Although previously not familiar with this game, Eka can take many positive things from the game that raises the melodious rhythm.
"I learned concentration, togetherness, and dexterity in this game," he concluded.
As one of the application of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, UMM presented KaCa Car. It did not only bring the books of choice but also equip with the program K-A-N-C-A-N-E, Kepo (Know your potential), Ayo Dolanan, Nandur, Coto (Konco Cerito) Babad, Aku Journalists, Nonton, and EYL as efforts to empower students.
Kepo (Know your potential) is a program initiated by the Guidance Counseling (BK) UMM to facilitate free counseling as well as mini psychological tests for students, especially teenagers. While Ayo Dolanan is the introduction of various kinds of traditional games as an effort to preserve Indonesian culture. There is also Nandur that teach about the growing plant and Coto (Buds Cerito) Babad to educate and inspire through fable or tale. Then, Aku Journalist is to educate how to write and program English for Young Learner (EYL) is to learn English.


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