KaCa Car in Donomulyo: Encourage Students to Continue Study until Give Entrepreneurial Inspiration through Barista Class

Author : Humas | Friday, July 26, 2019 14:52 WIB
Helmi while teaching the MAN 3 Malang students to Make coffee. (Photo: Ridho)

There are two problems that were generally experienced by 3rd-grade high school students, especially in rural areas. They were confused to choose to continue education or work. This was also felt by the 12th-grade students of MAN 3 Malang, Donomulyo, Malang Regency. From the results of the personality test given by the Psychology Team at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), most students had not chosen after graduating from school.

Seeing this problem, 79 students from the Community Service Program (KKN) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) collaborated with the KaCa Car UMM visited MAN 3 Malang. On that occasion, besides providing various collections of books, the KaCa car UMM presented two special programs, namely the Barista class and Psychology consultations.

KaCa car UMM presented Helmi Mahendra, UMM student who was the owner of Becak Kopi Keliling or becak Koling as a speaker in the Barista class. He recounted his experience with his two friends to build a Koling business while still studying. "At first I was embarrassed, my friends came home from college to hang out, how come I pushed a pedicab to sell coffee," he said.

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Although he took Indonesian Language and Literature Education was not linear with the business fields involved, it did not shrink. He was more motivated to look for opportunities. Helmi gave tips for students to share their time in college with business. According to him, the lecture must be prioritized because it became the main task and completion of responsibilities to parents.

"Businesses should not interfere with college. Even though I already know to make money, I must prioritize for college. I determine the hours to work when there is no class schedule. If there are many tasks, I can work on my pedicab, "he continued. In the end, Helmi provided training in making milk coffee ice and socializing various kinds of coffee. He also explained about the type of coffees and how to serve it.

The participants seemed enthusiastic when they participated to make ice coffee. "What I know is stirring a coffee. Do not know if there is also a tool to make coffee, there is a measure, there are procedures. So this class is a new experience for me. I just know if there are kinds of coffee. What I know is only instant coffee which is sold in coffee shops, "explained Fitria, one of the 12th-grade students majoring in Cooking.

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Public Relations MAN 3 Malang, Mukhlis, S.Pd said, this activity was very helpful for the school. Moreover, MAN 3 Malang was a regular institution that innovates itself with vocational education. According to him, this class can inspire children to become entrepreneurs. In addition, through personality tests, students were also expected to be encouraged to continue their education.

"There are many of our students who don't go to college. Last year, there were 160 students who graduated, only 8 people continued their studies. So I hope that with the two programs held by UMM through the KaCa Car, our students can open their minds. There are many choices that can be made even though we have to be busy with various lecture activities," Mukhlis said. (Win)



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