UMM Hospital Inaugurates Hemodialysis Unit and Poly Psychology

Author : Humas | Saturday, September 09, 2017 11:32 WIB
Inauguration of hemodialysis unit (HD) and polypsychology of UMM Hospital during  the 4th anniversary of UMM Hospital.

INCREASING number of kidney failure patients became a concern of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang Hospital (RS UMM) to improve its services. After series of visitation in May and publication of operational recommendation in July, RSUMM  inaugurated the hemodialysis unit (HD) and poly psychology on Saturday, September 9.

The inauguration of the HD RS UMM following an issuance of Practice License Letter (SIP) of HD RS UMM by East Java Provincial Health Office in last August. The inauguration was held simultaneously along with tasyakuran of the 4th anniversary RS UMM atthe 2nd floor hall of RS UMM supporting building.

Even so, according to UMM Hospital director Prof. Dr. Djoni Djunaedi Sp PD KPTI, the HD unit has been providing services publicly since two months ago. The HD Unit RS UMM has six machines that capable of serving up to 24 patients a day. One machine would operates two shifts and each shift serves four patients.

Djoni said this inauguration will be much useful to serve patients who wants to do dialysis. "The prevalence of patients falling to kidney failure in Malang city reaches 650 thousand people. RS UMM can serve up to 24 patients per day, hopefully it would fulfill patients need. Currently, the UMM HD units are still opening one shift, due to limitationof nurses," Djoni said.

Djoni said  RS UMM was the first hospital that pocketed the legal permit from the province. Some hospitals that have been operating the HD units are still in the legal permit process. Djoni added patients who need hemodialysis services come from various regions, such as Blitar, Pasuruan, and Sidoarjo. This happen due to many hospitals do not have hemodialysis services.

"In addition to RS UMMhas been able to do that, kidney failure patients are incresing. So it would be better if RS UMM is able to provide that service, "Djoni said.

UMM Vice Rector II Dr. Nazaruddin Malik MSi in his speech said, entering the 4th anniversary, RS UMM to continue to be the best hospital. "it is  not only to carry out the mission of health, but also mission of  da'wa amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. Therefore, it should be reflected in an effort to update level,in a better direction,"Nazar said.

In addition to  development of human resources, it could not be separated from the role of all stakeholders. "Collaborative, synergic, and responsive must be shared by all elements to advance this hospital including physicians, managers, colleagues, customers," he said.

Djoni hoped RSUMM will be able to realize the target of having endoscopic poly and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD). "We also want immediately be able to provide services for heart disease, cancer chemotherapy, and lung disease. The experts are already there, we just stay prepared. Hopefully, in the future it will be realized soon," Djoni concluded. (Naz)



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