In the 55th Anniversary, UMM Conducted Business Plan Competition for Young Entrepreneurs

Author : Humas | Wednesday, December 18, 2019 11:06 WIB
One of the Business Plan participants explaining their business concept in front of the jury. (Photo: Mirza/PR UMM)

With a total of 20 young entrepreneurs business concepts at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) were presented to the jury on Monday (12/16). They were the finalists of the Business Plan competition in the 55th Anniversary of UMM. This event is in the context of creating creative endeavors in the Millennial Era. Held in the Senate Meeting Room (RSS) of UMM.

The UMM young entrepreneurs are UMM students from the 2016-2018 classes. Those are, Smagri (Smart Agriculture), Getrungan, Coffe Payross, Taman Millennial, Lapak Arsi, Kue Parca, Informa Team, Ex Store, Marigold Organik Mask, Tuki store, Portable Drug Container, Pengasa Creative, My Plant, Wuluh Toner, Scheppend Creative, Cyborg, JASON (Online Computer Service), Studio Jamu 19, Fun Futsal, and TUINGKA.

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One of the presented business innovations was Smart Agriculture by Iqlima Chairunnisa, Faiq Azmi Nurfaizi, and Muhammad Zein Ihza F. "This business wants to present a superior and quality platform in developing the economy of the Agriculture sector in Indonesia. Because seeing the problems that exist in the sectoral, the producers and consumers, and here, the farmers are the ones who will be our partners," said Iqlima.

With the Fresh, Healthy and Chief Motto, SMAGRI guarantees the quality of its products to stay fresh and provide health benefits to consumers. And maintain marketing prices that are often unstable to cut the distribution chain that is usually played by the market.

"Because we want to cut the distribution chain. Because there are three distribution chains from type one which is from producers (farmers) selling to collectors (middlemen) from there,it will be sold to large wholesalers to consumers. In the second type, the flow is the same, but from large traders to small traders, then, to consumers, while in the third type, from farmers directly to consumers," he continued.

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The second presentation of the Business Plan is the PARCA Cake (Bitter Melon Peca’), which is a combination of the Peca’ sponge cake (traditional Bugis cake) with bitter melon. "Why do we combine these two ingredients, because at the place of origin the peca’ cake is booming. While this bitter melon, we know that bitter melon has a lot of benefits but less favored. That's why I want to combine these two materials," explained Ilil Rahmawati with Akbar Satya W.

"Seeing the increasingly dynamic developments, of course, there are so many new problems that must be resolved. I think activities like this Business Plan are very interesting if they are prepared carefully. But we have to reconsider to be able to be applied in the wider community," said Faizal Alfa Founder of Sayap Grak as a jury with Bunga Annisa Lenanta Founder Inibuna (Fashion Hijab). (joh)



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